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Tohono O’odham 'Shadow Wolves' border tracking team gets federal funding increase

A new federal law aims to improve recruitment and expand operations for the Shadow Wolves, the country’s only Native American tracking unit based on the Tohono O’odham Nation, which shares 62 miles of the Mexican border. ... Read more»

Tribal leaders optimistic about Biden; Haaland nomination a good start

Tribal leaders' hopes for for better relations with the federal government were reinforced last week when a Native woman, Rep. Deb Haaland, D-N.M., was nominated to be secretary of Interior. If approved, she would be the first Native American Cabinet secretary.... Read more»

Tribal leaders among diverse slate of Arizona electoral voters

Arizona Democratic Party Chair Felecia Rotellini said she wanted to choose electors who would “represent the diversity of Arizona, and the diversity of Arizona voters, as well as Arizona Democratic voters.” That included the three tribal leaders with “deep roots to our state.”... Read more»

Blasting sacred sites for border wall 'forever damaged' tribes

An emotional Tohono O’odham Nation chairman told lawmakers Wednesday that blasting on sacred sites in national monuments to build a border wall near his reservation has “forever damaged our people.” ... Read more»

Native Americans discuss Indian Country issues at DNC

Several tribal leaders, U.S. representatives and a U.S. senator spoke on issues concerning the Native American community during the Native American Council meeting at the Democratic National Convention. Many of these issues impact the nearly 300,000 Native Americans who live in Arizona. ... Read more»

Tohono O’odham vow to fight vote to block casino

Tohono O’odham leaders vowed to continue their fight for a Glendale-area casino after the House overwhelmingly approved a bill blocking their plans Tuesday.... Read more»

American Indian leaders ask for support, flexibility to govern

Native American leaders called on the federal government Thursday to honor its responsibility to American Indians with continued financial support, but to grant them greater flexibility in handling their own affairs.... Read more»1

Az tribes, lawmakers spar over proposed Glendale casino

Supporters and opponents of a proposed casino in Glendale accused each other of subverting the system Tuesday as they clashed on a bill that would prevent the Tohono O’odham Nation from building the project.... Read more»1

Judge rejects Pearce’s attempt to join lawsuit against Glendale casino

Hours after a group of state lawmakers vowed to join a lawsuit aimed at blocking a Tohono O'odham casino in the West Valley, a federal judge Thursday rejected one state senator's attempt to do so.... Read more»