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Raytheon gets $423 million installment in $3.1 billion Navy radar contract

The U.S. Navy has ordered another $423 million in new ship radar systems from Raytheon Missiles & Defense, headquartered in Tucson, company officials said. The contract could include up to $3.16 billion in radars for new ships over the next five years.... Read more»

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Navy reinforcements help Valleywise Health amid health care worker shortage

Seven members of the Navy – five nurses, a respiratory technician and a doctor – have joined Valleywise Health Medical Center to support overburdened frontline health care workers, per a request from the Federal Emergency Management Agency. ... Read more»

Arizona players reflect as Navy, Air Force meet on anniversary of 9/11

Saturday’s football game between Air Force and Navy will be the 54th between the two teams – and their first meeting on 9/11, leaving one Arizona-born Navy player with “goosebumps just thinking about it.” ... Read more»

Getting educated while on active duty is getting harder as military rolls back benefits

While much of the attention to education benefits for service members focuses on veterans, most of the military’s 1.3 million active-duty personnel are also eligible for tuition assistance, but restrictions mean many service members have to wait for college until they leave the military.... Read more»

Peoria parents hope military mental health act spares others their pain

The Brandon Act, named in memory of Brandon Caserta, a Navy veteran who died by suicide, would provide service members confidential access to mental health care without fear of rebuke or retaliation.... Read more»

5 transgender Az veterans discuss abuses, how political changes can alter lives

Five transgender veterans in Arizona speak on what it meant to serve in the military and witness the shifts in how their identities are viewed by the commander in chief, with the effects ranging from loss of status and benefits to traumatic experiences while in service, including sexual assault.... Read more»

Sen. McSally, Mark Kelly clash over issues from COVID-19 to border security in debate

Kelly and McSally wielded the usual disdain of political opponents, accusing one another of misleading Arizonans while outlining their own familiar campaign stances in a debate that offered few surprises.... Read more»

Photos: USS Gabrielle Giffords on patrol in South China Sea

The U.S. Navy combat ship named for the former congresswoman from Tucson has been deployed in the Western Pacific, sailing off the coast of Malaysia as a show of force in a region seeing increased Chinese pressure.... Read more»

It's hardly shocking the Navy fired a commander for warning of coronavirus threat. It's part of a pattern.

In dismissing the commander of the USS Theodore Roosevelt, the Navy once again punished the messenger, a frontline leader brave enough to tell the unvarnished truth to superiors about a threat to his sailors.... Read more»1

USS Arizona survivor Don Stratton dead at 97; just 2 former shipmates living

They were once 1,512. Now they are but two. Donald Stratton, who was among the 337 survivors of the attack on the USS Arizona, died Saturday, leaving just Lou Conter and Ken Potts still alive of the crew on the U.S. Navy battleship on Dec. 7, 1941.... Read more»

Tucson native deploys to Pacific with Navy carrier group

Among the thousands of sailors deploying to the Indo-Pacific with the Theodore Roosevelt Carrier Strike Group is Tucson's Gerardo Valenzuela, a fire controlman aboard the USS Russell, a guided-missile destroyer.... Read more»

Navy to commission sub as USS Arizona — first warship to bear name since Pearl Harbor

A new warship will soon be commissioned as the USS Arizona, the first U.S. Navy vessel to bear that name since the namesake battleship was sunk at Pearl Harbor in 1941.... Read more»

A year after death, some efforts to honor McCain move forward but others stall

While former colleagues have added John McCain’s name to legislation and one Arizona district plans to name an elementary school for him, other tributes have stalled. Among those are a measure to name a human rights commission for the late senator.... Read more»


Tucson sailor swabs Super Hornet

Aviation Electrician's Mate 3rd Class Kevin Rodes, from Tucson, cleans an F/A-18E Super Hornet on the flight deck of the aircraft carrier USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN 69). ... Read more»

Drawing on her history, McSally calls on colleges to stop sexual assaults

In a different year, U.S. Sen. Martha McSally might not have been on a stage at the U.S. Naval Academy telling college officials that they need to step up and do their part to end sexual assaults on their campuses.... Read more»

Anxiety & uncertainty for Az's transgender troops after Supreme Court ruling

A recent Supreme Court ruling is considered a major setback for transgender servicemembers, as well as a hindrance to the future of transgender individuals in the military.... Read more»

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