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Advocates aim to energize Latino voters, as their clout at polls grows

Hispanics are expected to be the largest bloc of minority voters by the 2020 elections, but advocates say those numbers will be of little use if potential voters aren’t motivated to turn out at the polls.... Read more»

‘Disillusioned’ Flake tripped up a second time in charity spelling bee

Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake was eliminated after the first two rounds of a charity “Politicians vs. the Press” spelling bee Wednesday night.... Read more»

Interior Sec. points to need to conserve Colorado River water

Interior Secretary Sally Jewell cited the Colorado River and Lake Mead as examples of the water conservation problems that she called one of the top issues facing her department.... Read more»

Az senator struggles with ‘shenanigans’ and ‘malfeasance’

Shenanigans first got Sen. Jeff Flake in trouble, but it was malfeasance that finally got the Arizona Republican booted.... Read more»

Satchmo's last live trumpet recording released

A recording of one of Louis "Satchmo" Armstrong's last live trumpet performances was released to the public for the first time on Friday.... Read more»

Factcheck: Bachmann’s histrionics on health care

Michele Bachmann incorrectly claimed the new health care law is "the largest spending and entitlement program ever passed in our nation's history."... Read more»1