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Photos: Nurses push for increased COVID measures at St. Joseph's Hospital as part of national protest

Dozens of nurses protested in front of St. Joseph's Hospital on Thursday morning, part of a nation-wide push for increased staffing and better protections against a massive spike in coronavirus cases fueled by the Omicron variant. ... Read more»

In crisis over COVID pandemic, nurses dig in for better working conditions

As deadly coronavirus cases spiked this year and daily pressures intensified on hospital floors, nurses and health care workers across the country are finding strength in numbers and with labor actions not seen in years.... Read more»

With too few nurses, it won’t take much to overwhelm hospitals this winter

Even as a new COVID-19 variant starts to spread in the United States, staff shortages have made it impossible for many hospitals to operate at full capacity and now they’re less prepared to manage an influx of patients this winter.... Read more»

'Are you going to keep me safe?' Hospital workers sound alarm on rising violence

Eighteen months after the start of the pandemic, front-line health care workers say they are experiencing an alarming rise in violence in their workplaces - something hospital executives were already attuned to workplace violence before the pandemic struck.... Read more»

Before Trump left office, FEMA OK’d exporting millions of N95 masks as workers cried for more

In the midst of a national shortage of N95 masks, the U.S. government quietly granted an exception to its export ban on protective gear, allowing as many as 5 million per month to be shipped overseas. FEMA issued the waiver in the final moments of Donald Trump’s presidency.... Read more»

States given expired protective gear, workers 'hoping for the best' during CV-19

Arizona and other states are receiving old or expired medical supplies from the federal stockpile that are more likely to fail, including the N95 masks that are essential to protect health care workers from COVID-19.... Read more»

Most U.S. nurses say their hospitals aren't prepared for Ebola

Hospitals in the United States aren't prepared for Ebola. Not what you want to hear right now, of course, but that's the warning being sounded by the very medical professionals who provide much of our health care and who'd be on the front lines of any Ebola outbreak in the United States: Nurses. ... Read more»