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FDA expected to greenlight mix-and-match COVID boosters

The Food and Drug Administration is planning to let Americans mix and match booster shots as all are relatively effective at boosting immunity regardless of patients’ original vaccinations, the New York Times reported, saying that the agency may make it official later this week. ... Read more»

Estate of Henrietta Lacks sues biotech company over use of famous cells

Likening his grandmother's famous cancer cells to the woman herself, and their sale as akin to slavery, the executor of the estate of Henrietta Lacks filed a federal lawsuit Monday against Thermo Fisher Scientific seeking all of the biotechnology company’s profits from her cells. ... Read more»

Scientists examine kids’ unique immune systems as more fall victim to COVID

18 months into the COVID-19 pandemic, with the Delta variant fueling a massive resurgence of disease, hospitals are hitting a heartbreaking low - they’re now losing babies to coronavirus and nearly 30% of COVID infections reported for the week that ended Sept. 9 were in children.... Read more»