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New fleet of gas-guzzling mail trucks spurs trio of suits

Three lawsuits filed Thursday in New York and California call it urgent for the government to study the environmental toll that will occur if the U.S. Postal Service rolls out its new fleet of mail-delivery trucks. ... Read more»

ADOT releases plan for new route connecting I-10, I-19 south of Tucson

The state and feds have finished an environmental study that lays out a preferred route to connect Interstates 10 and 19. Just don't start planning trips around it quite yet.... Read more»1

Arizona AG sues feds, claiming environmental laws block ending border wall construction

Attorney General Brnovich sued the federal government Monday over the decision to end border wall construction, claiming it was made in violation of the National Environmental Policy Act — a law that was waived when President Trump approved the border project.... Read more»

Butterfly sanctuary gets second chance to challenge border wall

A divided D.C. Circuit panel ruled Tuesday that border wall construction in South Texas interferes with the rights of butterfly conservation advocates, reinstating a challenge to a stretch of wall along the Rio Grande.... Read more»

Off-roading could be allowed in Tonto National Forest

Rather than continuing to discourage off-road vehicle riders from leaving sanctioned roads, the U.S. Forest Service has proposed opening hundreds of miles of “user-generated” paths to recreational users. ... Read more»