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COVID booster rollout (probably) won’t repeat spring scramble

Now that the Biden administration has determined that Americans vaccinated against COVID-19 should get booster shots, state health officials say they can avoid a repeat of the chaos that accompanied the first months of vaccinations.... Read more»

New laws in Arizona and other states hamstring public health officials

Starting last year, Arizona and other mostly GOP state legislators in nearly every state proposed hundreds of bills to either preclude the use of proven public health measures or tie the hands health officials and governors in a public health crisis, and at least 20 states succeeded.... Read more»

States move to ban 'vaccine passports'

As Americans figure out what post-pandemic life will look like, some states are taking steps to ensure that proof of vaccination ― or so-called “vaccine passports” ― won’t be part of it, amid a wider Republican-led push to curtail public health authorities’ powers. ... Read more»