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What the Devil won't tell you

Pride of Arizona: Claiming the James Webb Space Telescope as Tucson's own

The Webb telescope is technically a global collaboration. For bar bets and bragging rights, this puppy is ours. Just stamp Wilbur Wildcat's face on the Webb sunshield and be done with it.... Read more»

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New federal data shows UA ranked 35th in research funding

The University of Arizona conducted more than $761 million in research during Fiscal Year 2020, ranking in the top 4 percent of all colleges and universities.... Read more»

'A tale of two comets' — Webb telescope rocket plume & Comet Leonard on Christmas Day

Photographed from Thailand after its Dec. 25 launch, the rocket that carried the James Webb Space Telescope shows off its plume next to the more distant Comet Leonard.... Read more»

UA astronomy soars as Webb space telescope prepares to look back in time

University of Arizona astronomers are set to help lead research allowed by the once-in-a-generation science project that is the James Webb Space Telescope. It blasted off Christmas Day.... Read more»

UA black-hole researchers await Christmas Day launch of NASA telescope

When the James Webb Space Telescope finally gets launched into position and points toward the cosmos this month, University of Arizona researchers will begin investigating the brightest beacons in the universe. ... Read more»

UA astronomers find key to mysterious near earth objects may be the moon

A near earth-object vexed University of Arizona astronomers until their inspiration was struck by moonlight.... Read more»

Melting Arctic sea ice may strengthen western wildfires

Declining sea ice in the Arctic may be contributing to increased wildfires in the western United States, demonstrating the effects of climate change on extreme weather events and indicating the potential for more and larger wildfires in the area, according to a new study. ... Read more»

To the moon: Young girls learn from astronaut, scientist Jessica Meir

More than 50 young women recently had the opportunity to learn from and ask questions of NASA astronaut Jessica Meir during a virtual event held by the industry group Transportation YOU. ... Read more»

Mexico set to become world leader in automation tech

While most of the world outside Mexico has largely focused on the sensational topics of drug violence and “migrant caravans” in recent decades, NASA and the private sector have kept a keen eye on what Mexican engineers have been achieving in labs across the country. ... Read more»

Painstaking search for new planets begins on a mountaintop near Tucson

The NEID spectrometer, one of the most precise instruments for detecting planets and being used at the Kitt Peak National Observatory on the Tohono O’odham Nation west of Tucson, is looking for Earth-like planets outside our solar system.... Read more»

Made in America: White House pushes agencies to buy more at home

President Joe Biden is rolling out a new plan to amp support of U.S. manufacturing, tighten loopholes on what qualifies as American and to announce a higher domestic-component threshold for U.S.-made products that the federal government purchases with taxpayer dollars. ... Read more»

Arizona professor will lead NASA project to locate menacing objects near Earth

NASA has appointed Amy Mainzer, a University of Arizona professor, to lead a project to track asteroids that potentially could crash into Earth - a mission involves launching a telescope into a high orbit to locate such near-Earth objects using the infrared radiation they emit. ... Read more»

Astronaut cosplay: The earthly impacts of space tourism on the border

The recent trend by billionaires - like Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson - blasting into space have meaningful economic, environmental and cultural impacts on the borderland communities where the spaceports hoping to cater to commercial space travel are located.... Read more»


Why Gil Scott-Heron’s ‘Whitey on the Moon’ still feels relevant today

Not long after the 1969 Moon landing, poet Gil Scott-Heron released a scathing song called “Whitey on the Moon.” While others lauded the landing as a “giant leap for mankind,” he lamented it, saying the trip consumed resources that could have been better put to use helping people on Earth.... Read more»

UA to lead space telescope mission to learn how galaxies evolve, form stars

NASA has chosen the University of Arizona to lead a space telescope mission meant to better understand how galaxies and stars form. ... Read more»

Phoenix explorer, entrepreneur will be on first civilian crew to go into space

A Phoenix educator, entrepreneur, adventurer and science communicator has been selected for the crew of Inspiration4, SpaceX’s first all-civilian mission to space. Sian Proctor, who’s a geology, sustainability and planetary science professor at South Mountain Community College, was one of the two final crew members SpaceX announced Tuesday at Kennedy Space Center in Florida, where SpaceX Dragon will launch in the fall.... Read more»

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