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Arizona's latest abortion bill seeks ban on health exchange coverage

A new bill would prohibit any health care exchange in Arizona from providing coverage for elective abortions.... Read more»2

Ophthalmologists see red over bill to expand optometrists’ Rx authority

Ophthalmologists are seeing red over a bill that would expand the ability of Arizona optometrists, who aren’t medical doctors, to prescribe medications.... Read more»

Bill to ban public funds from abortion providers moves ahead

The state Senate gave preliminary approval Thursday to a bill that would prohibit public money intended for family-planning services from going to organizations that provide abortions.... Read more»

Lawmaker: Schools must step up on bullying

A Senate panel endorsed a bill Monday that would expand requirements for school districts when it comes to bullying, intimidation and other forms of harassment among students, including allowing policies to cover incidents that occur off campus.... Read more»

Proposition 106

Supporters: Prop. 106 protects health care rights; foes call it useless

Supporters of Proposition 106 say allowing Arizonans to opt out of any federal or state health care mandate would preserve the right of individuals to make their own decisions. Opponents say that since a federal plan would trump anything at the state level, it would most likely set Arizona up for a costly and unsuccessful legal battle.... Read more»

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