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The most and least popular specialty license plates in Arizona in 2022

More than half a million drivers across Arizona have decked out their cars with specialty license plates, but they're more than just a decoration: They’re an active cash flow to nonprofit organizations that have raised over $8 million in the current fiscal year.... Read more»

What the Devil won't tell you

Runaway torpedo: Who will be hit by Arizona's new 'citizen voter' law remains unknown

There's no consensus about who or how many will be affected by Arizona's new "proof-of-citizenship" voting law — which is exactly how we want the state to target its power, right? (dripping sarcasm). ... Read more»

What's open, what's closed on Christmas & New Year's

The Christmas and New Year's holidays fall on a Saturday this year, so various institutions are handling the the holiday differently. ... Read more»

Expired driver’s licenses open lane for cybercriminals

After the COVID-19 pandemic hit last year, many states issued emergency declarations allowing driver’s licenses to remain valid past expiration dates, but those extensions mostly have ended and scammers are exploiting the need to make sure licenses are renewed.... Read more»

Arizona shutting down online voter registration at spring deadline

The long-planned replacement of a computer system at Arizona's Motor Vehicle Division means that the state's online voter registration system will be shut down right before the deadline to sign up to cast ballots in spring elections.... Read more»

Ducey orders Nat'l Guard to stock Az stores, closes bars & dine-in restaurants

The Arizona National Guard will be stocking shelves in grocery stores and food banks, activated by Gov. Doug Ducey, who also ordered that bars in counties with COVID-19 cases be closed, and restaurants halt dine-in service.... Read more»

Voter registration suit in Arizona ends with settlement

Arizona agreed Monday to a settlement to provide more effective voter registration services to people who move so they do not suddenly find themselves bumped from the voter rolls.... Read more»

License suspended? ADOT now offers temporary IDs online

The Arizona Department of Transportation is offering temporary ID cards online, saving those with suspended licenses from having to visit an office in person. ... Read more»

‘STOLEN’: Just one message for newly approved digital license plates

Arizona will join California as the only states to allow digital license plates on bumpers to flash vanity messages or alert that the vehicle has been stolen.... Read more»1

Tucson MVDs open earlier to reduce long waits

The Arizona Department of Transportation has started to open its three Tucson Motor Vehicle Division offices half an hour early in an effort to reduce long wait times. ... Read more»

Guest opinion

Beard: Election snafus, poor voter education & right to vote — What’s missing?

In our rush to assign blame for the snafus from last week's presidential preference eection, we should not lose sight of what voting is all about. We all may speak about the right to vote but do we remember that those Rights come with an equal share of Responsibilities? There are requirements of the citizens necessary to maintain a free society. ... Read more»1

'Dreamers' begin getting Az driver's licenses

For Erick Lizarraga, 18, getting a driver's license means a little more freedom and a little less fear. Until last week, he was one of 22,000 "Dreamers" in Arizona, granted a work permit under President Obama's 2012 decision to grant deferrals to young people, but unable to legally drive in the state.... Read more»

Az introduces 'secure' driver's license, application process

A redesigned Arizona driver license, and a new process to get it, went into effect Monday. The changes are meant to improve security, officials said.... Read more»