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Appeals exhausted, Navajo double-killer executed despite tribe’s objections

Lezmond Mitchell on Wednesday became the first Native American in modern history to be executed by the federal government over the objections of a tribal government for a crime committed between Native Americans on tribal land.... Read more»

Los Zetas, Mexico's cartel army, are drug war's scourge

Many in Mexico’s federal police and army consider the Zetas to be the biggest problem in the drug war. They have launched a sustained campaign against them, resulting in hundreds of deaths and thousands of arrests in recent months, but despite the onslaught, the Zetas keep coming back.... Read more»

47,000 killed in Mexico's drug war since Dec. '06

Acting under pressure from journalists, federal prosecutors in Mexico announced Wednesday that more than 47,000 people had been killed in the drug war since President Felipe Calderón first used the Mexican military to combat the nation's feared drug cartels.... Read more»

Calderón: El presidente of fun

President Felipe Calderón's adrenalin-pumped antics are part of a new effort by his administration to rescue Brand Mexico and the valuable tourist dollars spent by Americans and other foreign visitors by taking part in a new TV series touting the country's attractions. (with video)... Read more»