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Arizona will give $125 million a year in tax credits to film and TV productions

In order to lure television and film producers to the Grand Canyon State, Arizona will give out up to $125 million a year in tax credits under a new program that Gov. Doug Ducey allowed to become law on Wednesday without his signature.... Read more»

¡Cámara, acción! La industria del cine en Arizona crece después de una década lenta

La industria cinematográfica de Arizona se mantuvo a sí misma a través de incentivos fiscales hasta 2010, cuando la Legislatura puso fin al programa, y ​​ahora, después de años de abandono, el estado se ha convertido nuevamente en terreno fértil para las producciones independientes.... Read more»

Lights, camera — action! Arizona film industry growing after a decade of stagnation

The Arizona moviemaking industry sustained itself through tax incentives until 2010, when the Legislature ended the program in response to the Great Recession - and now, after years of neglect, the state has one again become fertile ground for independent productions.... Read more»

Movie tax credit would cost Arizona big, legislative analysts say

A new analysis of a push to lure movie productions to Arizona with $150 million in tax credits says claims that the state will see a return on its investment are unfounded — and the state could end up getting little in return for its money. ... Read more»

Lawmaker: No tax credits keeping films, TV shows out of state

Arizona is losing out on movies and television shows that could be filming here because other states are luring them with tax incentives, a state lawmaker contends.... Read more»

Tucson Terrorfest offers 3 days of horror flicks

Tucson Terrorfest, a horror film festival, begins Thursday and continues through the weekend with six independent horror films.... Read more»

Mexico's drug war shoots to silver screen

The film “Miss Bala” combines intense action sequences with slow, realistic scenes and artful camera work to conjure up the surreal actuality of Mexico’s drug war and has won acclaim at film festivals around the world — including a 12-minute ovation at Cannes.... Read more»

Twin Towers, Hollywood superstar

Although the Twin Towers no longer grace the New York City skyline, they will always exist, thanks to Hollywood.... Read more»


3-D TV at UA: Without the annoying glasses

UA scientists are working on technology that will not only make it possible to watch 3-D flicks without those annoying glasses, but also will have more serious practical applications when it comes to medical and military imaging applications.... Read more»

Gotta have it: Spike Lee tickets $5 this week

Tickets for a March lecture by Spike Lee will be available to UA students at a presale rate of $5 Thursday and Friday.... Read more»