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With 'sustainable' bighorn herd in Catalinas, G&F says no more mtn lion killings

With a population of more than 80 bighorn sheep back at home in the Santa Catalinas, Arizona Game and Fish is now taking a more hands-off approach. The biggest change, announced this week, is that the agency will no longer hunt and kill mountain lions which prey on the sheep in the mountains just north of Tucson.... Read more»

Game and Fish caring for orphaned mountain lion cub found in Sells

The Arizona Game and Fish Department is caring for an orphaned mountain lion kitten after it was found trapped in a tree in Sells. "Her condition is about as bad as I’ve seen, maybe even a little bit worse," a staffer said.... Read more»

Another bighorn dies in the Catalinas

Another bighorn sheep has died in the Santa Catalina Mountains — this one as the result of a fall, state wildlife officials reported Thursday.... Read more»

Video: Mountain lions in lair, raccoon outfoxes dinner plans

A trio of mountain lions frequenting a cave near Tucson, and a raccoon making off like a bandit with a bunny meant for a fox's dinner are featured in recent videos shot by a local big-game guide.... Read more»

1000px: Mountain lion stalks Naco fence

Padding along atop the border fence near Naco, a mountain lion was spotlighted by a Border Patrol officer recently.... Read more»2

15 lambs now part of Catalina bighorn herd

Arizona Game and Fish biologists have confirmed the birth of a fifteenth lamb born to bighorn sheep transplanted to the Santa Catalina Mountains last year. ... Read more»

John C. Scott

J.C. Scott: The changing face of journalism

Arizona Democratic gubernatorial candidate Fred DuVal, TucsonSentinel.com's Dylan Smith, KVOI talk show hosts Emil Franzi and Joe Dreyfuss, Arizona Capitol Times Editor Jim Small.... Read more»

Video: 3 mountain lions prowling together

A Tucson big game guide captured video of three mountain lions on the prowl in northern Mexico last month. Chipper Beiner was scouting an area just south of Bisbee and shot this video from about 1,250 yards away.... Read more»