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COVID-19 leading cause of law enforcement deaths in 2021

COVID-19 was the leading cause of law enforcement deaths in 2021, according to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund, with some 301 deaths directly attributable to the pandemic as of December 31, 2021, and a final number that was likely to be higher.... Read more»

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FactCheck: Why it’s easy to misinterpret numbers of COVID deaths among the vaccinated

Raw numbers of hospitalizations or deaths among the vaccinated are not a good indicator of whether vaccines are effective - if the large majority of a population is vaccinated, it’s not surprising if most deaths are among the vaccinated - but social media posts suggest otherwise.... Read more»

Q&A: Navajo woman starts nonprofit to improve maternal health

A nurse with Indian Health Service, Nicolle Gonzales noticed gaps that left many Native American women with insufficient pregnancy and birthing care - prompting her to launch the nonprofit Changing Woman Initiative to address maternal health disparities in Indigenous women.... Read more»

Analysis finds COVID-19 was the leading cause of death in Arizona

A new report by the Arizona Public Health Association found that COVID-19 was the leading cause of death in Arizona during the pandemic, unlike in other similar states that had more aggressive mitigation measures. ... Read more»1

Limited Medicaid access puts childbearing women at risk

In states that have declined to expand Medicaid to all adults with lower incomes, women of childbearing age are more than twice as likely to be without health insurance as those living in expansion states - a disparity that helps explain the United States’ dismal maternal mortality rate. ... Read more»

ADHS expanding vaccine pilot program aimed at low vaccination ZIP codes

The Arizona Department of Health Services is planning to expand a pilot program to get more vaccines for those living in ZIP codes with high numbers of COVID-19 cases but low vaccination rates, but inequities still exist.... Read more»

The deadliest year: Overall death toll grew by 25% in Arizona in 2020

Total deaths in Arizona rose 25% in 2020 over the previous year, with some counties seeing increases approaching 50% for the year in which COVID-19 became a leading killer in the state. ... Read more»

A year after first case, COVID is now a leading killer in Arizona

COVID-19 is on the verge of becoming the leading cause of death in Arizona, surpassing cancer and closing in on heart disease, according to the latest data from the Arizona Department of Health Services. ... Read more»

What the Devil won't tell you

Ducey's 'State of State' misses Arizona's COVID SOS

Doug Ducey's speech read like a governor utterly out of touch with his state groaning under the weight of COVID-19. Perhaps he was more in touch with his own political ambitions.... Read more»

More than 1,000 COVID deaths in Arizona in one week

Between Jan. 3 and 9, 1,080 Arizonans died from the virus, the most in a single week, according to data from John Hopkins University. The previous record was in December, when 614 Arizonans lost their lives from Dec. 13-19.... Read more»

'Those of us who don’t die are going to quit': A crush of patients, dwindling supplies and the nurse who lost hope

Almost a year into the pandemic, supply shortages remain so severe that nurse Kristen Cline reuses her N95 for several shifts while her hospital buckles, patients suffer and folks nearby socialize maskless as if the pandemic were already over.... Read more»

December is Arizona’s worst month for COVID so far

December is on track to be the deadliest and most infectious month for the coronavirus pandemic in Arizona as the state continues to outpace every previous milestone, with more than 35 percent of the state's half million COVID-19 cases coming from this month alone, according to data from Johns Hopkins University.... Read more»

Navajo warn hospitals at 'breaking point' in worsening COVID-19 surge

With a shortage of beds, oxygen and staff, the Navajo Nation can no longer depend on regional aid and is sending critical patients farther afield for care, officials reported Thursday.... Read more»

More than a quarter of those living in Az's COVID hot zones live in poverty

COVID cases in Arizona are rising sharply in November, and the ZIP codes that have been getting hit the hardest have more than a quarter of their population living below the poverty line.... Read more»


Over 10 million cases of COVID-19 have been confirmed in U.S.

Across the globe, it's 50 million, as the virus surges in many pockets of the planet. In the U.S., the record for daily cases was broken for a fourth day in a row, hitting 128,000 on Saturday.... Read more»

Officials: COVID-19 keeps coming for Arizona, and the death toll could be 'staggering'

Health officials Wednesday warned of a “staggering” death toll in Arizona as cases of the novel coronavirus continue to rise unabated, citing fatigue over COVID-19 and crowded holiday gatherings as potential dangers.... Read more»

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