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Monsoons make Southwest deserts bloom, but climate change is making summer rains more erratic

If recent years are any indication, the Southwest is already experiencing the effects of climate change, with record heat waves, larger and catastrophic wildfires, and a monsoon that is basically nonexistent one year, then produces record rainfall and severe weather the next. ... Read more»

This year’s monsoon has been one of Arizona’s wettest

Arizona’s monsoon season officially ends Sept. 30, and this year’s rains already have made 2021 among the highest on record - though The Salt River Project, one of the state’s largest utilities, advises residents to continue to practice water conservation despite the summer rains.... Read more»

Monsoon storms help slow Museum Fire, but raise flood concerns

Although rain has done much to damper the fire, there is a danger of flooding because the loss of vegetation leaves burned areas ripe for flash floods and heavy flows of ash, mud and debris. ... Read more»

Weather Service issues flood watch

The National Weather Service issued a flash flood watch for all of southeastern Arizona, including Cochise and Santa Cruz counties, all of Pima County except the Ajo area, and southeastern Pinal county Tuesday afternoon. ... Read more»