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PACC to give $150 to fosters to help clear packed dog shelter

The Pima Animal Care Center is piloting a program that will pay up to $150 in gift cards to fosters will to take in dogs and work with a professional trainer. PACC hopes the program will help long-stay dogs find homes and clear space in the packed shelter. ... Read more»

PACC suspends most shelter admissions following dog's death from possible 'strep zoo' infection

Following the death of a dog over the weekend from a potential 'strep zoo' infection, the Pima Animal Care Center will halt non-emergency admissions, officials said. As a precaution, the facility will treat all dogs with antibiotics. ... Read more»

Over-burdened Pima Animal Care Center needs fosters for pets, waives adoption fees

The Pima Animal Care Center, overcrowded and under-staffed due to COVID-19 cases, is asking members of the public to either adopt or commit to fostering a pet for two weeks to help empty the shelter.... Read more»

Tucson pet shelters rake in more than $90k in Betty White tribute donations

Animal shelters and rescue groups around Pima County saw a huge upswing in donations to mark what would have been the 100th birthday of "Golden Girls" star and animal welfare activist Betty White on Monday.... Read more»

Overcrowded PACC shelter needs 50 foster homes for cats and dogs

The crowded Pima Animal Care Center needs to open up 25 to 50 kennels in its shelter immediately after taking in a large number of animals from an overwhelmed pet owner.... Read more»

Free pet microchips available in advance of July 4

Free pet microchips will be available from the Pima Animal Care Center through July 1, with a morning walk-in clinic for the first 50 animals each day. The county animal shelter is gearing up for an influx of lost pets around July 4, officials said.... Read more»