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As MLB’s Opening Day nears, players believe more work is needed

During baseball’s longest winter in 27 years, Commissioner Rob Manfred and Tony Clark, head of the MLB Players Association, served as the unwanted faces of the game - and while that collective bargaining battle has ended, the labor war could wage on.... Read more»

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Batter up! Baseball is back with new collective bargaining agreement but casualties remain

Reports of a new collective bargaining agreement after players voted to accept MLB’s latest offer for a new labor deal - paving the way to end a 99-day lockout and salvage a 162-game regular season - have left baseball fans giddy, but the lengthy haggling hasn’t been without casualties. ... Read more»

Swing and a miss: MLB delays spring training, cancels early season games after talks stall

In what will be a hit to the Arizona economy and baseball fans throughout the state, Major League Baseball and the MLB Players Association could not come to an agreement on a new collective bargaining agreement by the league’s imposed deadline, delaying the start of the season.... Read more»

Play ball? Not yet as battle for MLB season carries on after spring training delayed

The arrival of spring in Arizona typically means one thing - baseball is here. But even as the weather warms up to 80 degrees and the sun shines more brightly, a frozen winter carries as a work stoppage has delayed the start of the 2022 season’s spring training.... Read more»

MLB to provide housing for minor league players, but are more changes needed?

The news that MLB will provide housing to an estimated 90% of eligible minor league players, including those participating in extended spring training and the Arizona Complex League, was well received by advocates who have worked to change how minor leaguers are treated. ... Read more»

Sweet spot: Nona Lee’s role with Arizona Diamondbacks leads to more diversity, inclusion

Nona Lee, executive vice president and chief legal officer to Arizona Diamondbacks CEO Derrick Hall, leads a business and community initiative to improve organizational diversity while improving the lives of those who have been disadvantaged by any form of discrimination.... Read more»

They ‘just want to play:’ The history of girls in the Little League World Series

Playing baseball is a beloved tradition across the Southwes, but at a young age, girls are steered toward softball, which has been deemed acceptable for women - and despite more than 30 years of barrier breakers, gender barriers still exist at the highest level of youth baseball. ... Read more»

Proposed major events fund in Arizona budget would help cover Super Bowl costs

The proposed state budget includes $30 million for a new fund that would help attract major events in Arizona, and an as-yet undetermined chunk of that cash will help cover the costs for the state to host the mother of all major events: the Super Bowl.... Read more»

Ducey says Arizona business opposition won’t influence decision on election bills

Gov. Doug Ducey said business community opposition to a pair of election bills that critics allege will suppress voters won’t affect his decision on whether to sign the legislation if it reaches his desk. Greater Phoenix Leadership, a business and civic organization, issued a statement last week urging lawmakers to reject legislation that it said is voter suppression.... Read more»

'Sorry, buddy': Athletes saying 'no' to autograph seekers symbolic of COVID-19 era

For some sports fans, the interaction with an athlete during an autograph session is the best feeling in the world. Unfortunately, COVID-19 has taken some of the excitement out of autograph seeking. Athletes these days are required to keep their distance from fans, who aren’t subject to regular COVID-19 testing like players. ... Read more»

Phoenix business group pressures AZGOP lawmakers to abandon voter suppression bills

Prominent business leaders are asking lawmakers to reject several election-related bills that they deemed attempts to suppress voting in Arizona, a move that comes as Georgia faces calls for boycotts for passing similar legislation. ... Read more»

Mofford saved Cactus League from extinction

Near the end of spring training in 1990, the Cactus League was in danger of folding, with teams complaining about run-down ballparks. But a quarter-century later, it is still around and stronger than ever, thanks in large part to then-Gov. Rose Mofford, who died last week.... Read more»

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Snakebit: The Diamondbacks' upgrade ultimatum

The Diamondbacks' demand that Maricopa County provide $187 million in upgrades — "current and future maintenance obligations" — or the team will seek a way out of its lease and leave is extortion, but how badly would the loss of baseball fans hurt downtown Phoenix?... Read more»

Flake, McCain attack Pentagon funding sports teams as 'paid patriotism'

The Pentagon paid out at least $6.8 million in contracts to professional sports for honoring American soldiers at sporting events, according to Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman John McCain and his fellow Arizona senator, Jeff Flake. ... Read more»

Diamondbacks looking toward the future in Az Fall League

After posting Major League Baseball’s worst record this season, the Arizona Diamondbacks are looking toward the future at this year’s Arizona Fall League.... Read more»

Arizona Fall League players testing rule changes to speed up MLB games

Minor league players in Arizona are testing six rule changes intended to speed up baseball games, including a pitch clock, declared intentional walks, and requiring a batter to stay within the box.... Read more»

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