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The world in 2011: A look at the year ahead

The New Year is a time for predictions, so here are a few for 2011. U.S. President Barack Obama will not earn his Nobel Peace Prize retroactively by bringing peace to the Middle East this year. Israel will not halt its settlement activity, and the Palestinians will not enter serious negotiations.... Read more»

Let the distortions begin: Election 2012 sneak preview

It has been seven weeks now since the midterms, but that doesn't mean there's no campaigning going on. Republican presidential aspirants are off and running, jockeying for exposure. We've been keeping track, and have noticed some twisting of the truth – already!... Read more»

Republicans confront realities of health overhaul, position themselves in Congress

Even with a new majority in the House come January, Republicans concede that winning a repeal vote in the Democratic-controlled Senate is unlikely – and the two-thirds needed to override a presidential veto, well out of reach.... Read more»

Think again

Just what exactly is Fox News?

Fox News Channel is often described as a cable news station. On occasion, the words “conservative” or “biased” are attached to that description. But few dispute the journalistic orientation of the overall enterprise. This is a mistake.... Read more»4

Health care reform

New book explains health insurance mandate

In a new book, Landmark: The Inside Story of America's New Health Care Law and What It Means for Us All, the staff of The Washington Post writes about various provisions of the new health law. Here is information on mandatory insurance coverage. ... Read more»

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