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Biden’s border: 'an incredibly disappointing year' for immigrant advocates

As a candidate, Joe Biden emphasized how different his immigration policy would be from that of former President Donald Trump, promising to “take urgent action to undo Trump’s damage,” but after nearly a year of the Biden presidency, immigrant advocates are disheartened.... Read more»

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Court order forces feds to revive Trump-era 'Remain in Mexico' policy

The Department of Homeland Security said it reached a deal with Mexico on Thursday to restart the controversial Migrant Protection Protocols program, a policy that President Joe Biden suspended on his first day in office and formally terminated in June. ... Read more»

Texas Attorney General Paxton sues Biden admin to force construction of border wall

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton and Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt argue that Biden can’t legally stop border wall construction after Congress dedicated money for the project - they previously sued the administration to force it to restore the “remain in Mexico” policy. ... Read more»

Lack of vaccine mandate becomes competitive advantage in hospital staffing wars

As of August 26, about 39% of U.S. hospitals had announced vaccine mandates, and across the nation, hospitals are weighing more than patient and caregiver health in deciding whether to mandate COVID vaccines for staffers.... Read more»

Biden administration ordered to restore Trump-era immigration policy

A federal judge has restored - but stayed his order pending appeal - the Trump-era Remain in Mexico (MPP) policy after Texas and Missouri sued the Biden administration in April, claiming without MPP, more undocumented immigrants would remain in their states, increasing costs.... Read more»

The Delta variant thrives in a state of political and public health discord

Hospitals in southwestern Missouri are overflowing and even though vaccines are widely available, only 40% of the state has been vaccinated, escalating political backlash to public health efforts has the state staring down the barrel of potential incoming disaster.... Read more»

Photos: Tucsonans protest no indictment in Ferguson shooting

About 100 Tucsonans marched through Downtown on Tuesday night, protesting that a Missouri grand jury did not issue an indictment in the Aug. 9 shooting death of teen Michael Brown by Officer Darren Wilson. After walking through the streets and briefly blocking Speedway near Euclid, the group returned to lie in the street at 6th and Congress before breaking up.... Read more»2


Ferguson apples

R.I.P. Michael Brown.... Read more»

What to look for in dueling autopsies of Michael Brown

In the next few weeks, separate teams of doctors will issue autopsy reports about Michael Brown, the unarmed African American shot to death by a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri. If history is any guide, they will differ, perhaps significantly, on how to interpret the gunshot wounds on his body. ... Read more»

Akin controversy stirs GOP

Akin clings to Senate nomination, as his party scrambles to limit damage.... Read more»


Santorum sweeps Tuesday contests

In a race that has had more dizzying turns than a Wild Mouse carnival ride, former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum triumphed in three Republican races on Tuesday, gaining convincing victories in the Minnesota and Colorado caucuses and the Missouri presidential primary.... Read more»


Obama no ‘different’ today on taxes

An American Crossroads TV ad claims Obama's position on taxes is "different" than it was in 2009. It isn't.... Read more»

Mo. judge blocks ban on teachers, students chatting online

A Missouri judge has blocked a new law that would have prevented teachers and students communicating privately on social media websites or through texting, and now the governor who signed the legislation is calling for its repeal.... Read more»

Loughner sent to Missouri for psych exam

Jared Lee Loughner, accused in the Jan. 8 mass shooting in Tucson, was taken to Springfield, Mo., where the government intends to determine his fitness for trial, confirmed a U.S. Marshals spokesman.... Read more»1

Health care & religion

Anti-abortion groups use insurance reform to restrict coverage

Abortion opponents fought passage of President Obama's health care overhaul to the bitter end, and now that it's the law, they're using it to limit coverage by private insurers.... Read more»


Brown, 4 other Republicans support Obama's jobs bill

Sen. Scott Brown was one of five Republican Senators who broke ranks and kept alive President Obama's $15 billion jobs bill Monday. ... Read more»1

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