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Despite funds, lawmakers say tribes still shortchanged in COVID-19 aid

Native American tribes have been severely hit by the coronavirus but have received only a fraction of the help they need from the federal government, said lawmakers, who called the impact on businesses and health on reservations “particularly worrisome.” ... Read more»

FactCheck: Hospital payments & the COVID-19 death count

Q: Are hospitals inflating the number of COVID-19 cases and deaths so they can be paid more? A: Recent legislation pays hospitals higher Medicare rates for COVID-19 patients and treatment, but there is no evidence of fraudulent reporting.... Read more»

Small farms immune to safety investigations, even when a worker dies

In 1976, a few years after OSHA was created, Congress attached a rider to the agency’s budget that exempted farms with 10 or fewer employees from enforcement. It shields farm owners from accountability when their workers die in preventable accidents.... Read more»

Amid pandemic, gun control advocates celebrate wins on NRA’s home turf

Taking time out from overseeing Virginia’s response to the pandemic, Democratic Gov. Ralph Northam signed a slate of bills: requiring universal background checks on firearm purchases, restricting handgun purchases to one a month and allowing law enforcement to seize guns from people who may be a risk to themselves or others.... Read more»

Tribal leaders struggle against 'very slow’ allocation of COVID-19 aid

The Navajo Nation has the country’s third-highest rate of COVID-19 infections, but it has had to watch as funds go to less hard-hit areas in a “very slow” federal aid process, Navajo President Jonathan Nez said Friday.... Read more»

Out of sight is out of mind: Small communities across U.S. struggle in shadow of larger disasters

Small towns struck by disasters often must rely on neighbors and non-profits more than federal assistance to rebuild in the aftermath.... Read more»

Worker advocates burned up over lack of federal heat protections

OSHA has yet to establish a heat standard that would give employers specific requirements regarding water, rest breaks and shade. ... Read more»


Santorum sweeps Tuesday contests

In a race that has had more dizzying turns than a Wild Mouse carnival ride, former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum triumphed in three Republican races on Tuesday, gaining convincing victories in the Minnesota and Colorado caucuses and the Missouri presidential primary.... Read more»

Bachmann's N.H. campaign staff quits

Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann's entire New Hampshire campaign staff resigned en masse on Friday.... Read more»

2 top Bachmann campaign aides leave

Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann’s two top campaign aides, her campaign manager Ed Rollins and deputy campaign manager David Polyansky, have announced they are leaving their current roles in her 2012 presidential campaign.... Read more»


DNC misquotes Pawlenty

The Democratic National Committee takes Tim Pawlenty's comments on his presidential campaign out of context.... Read more»

Arizona ranks No. 4 in Tea Party members

Arizona ranks No. 4 in Tea Party enrollment, with 29 percent of of the state identifying themselves as members.... Read more»

Dems to seniors: Medicare checks are in the mail

The Obama administration began mailing $250 checks Thursday to seniors who hit the Medicare prescription drug doughnut hole - a notorious gap in coverage - as part of the health overhaul.... Read more»