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Tucson approves city Labor Standards Unit, despite advocates' concerns

The city of Tucson is moving ahead with their plans to create a Labor Standards Unit under the control of their Business Services Department. Advocates for Prop. 206, the $15 minimum wage ballot initiative, have said the policy requires a department to enfroce labor law and that this new unit may not cut it. ... Read more»

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$15 minimum wage advocates raise red flag over Tucson's plans for Labor Standards office

Tucson officials are making a mistake, an advocate of higher wages said, by rolling a new Labor Standards office into the city's Business Services Department. The city is preparing for a gradual increase in the minimum wage after Tucson voters approved the measure last fall.... Read more»

Dearth of competition has taken toll on worker wages

Undercutting the pandemic-era belief that staff shortages from the Great Resignation have put employers over a barrel, data instead paints a shadow of wage depression says workers have lost an average of 15% to 25% of the wages they would make in a competitive-rich market.... Read more»

Tucson leaders alarmed by bill in Legislature that would limit city affordable housing work

A bill in the Arizona Senate that would drastically limit a city’s ability to create affordable housing alarmed the Tucson City Council during their meeting on Wednesday.... Read more»

Millions of workers just got a pay raise

Millions of low-paid workers just got a raise.Twenty-one states and 35 municipalities hiked their minimum wages in January,... Read more»

Minimum wage increase take effect in Arizona, Tucsonans wait until April for extra bump

The minimum wage in Arizona has jumped to $12.80 per hour — a 65-cent increase over 2021, to more than $26,000 per year for those working 40 hours per week. An additional pay bump OKed by Tucson voters won't take effect until spring. ... Read more»

$15 Pima County minimum wage 'not possible' without BoS support, proponents say

A push for a $15 minimum wage law in Pima County is unlikely to gather steam, as the organizers of a successful initiative in the city of Tucson say the barriers to putting a county-wide measure on the ballot are just too steep.... Read more»

There are more jobs than jobless people in 42 states

A record number of job openings and fewer workers to fill them have left 42 states with more available jobs than people looking for work, according to a Stateline analysis of federal statistics from August, the latest available. ... Read more»

What the Devil won't tell you

Never mind the GOP, Tucson's new alternative may be on the Left

Someone has got to hold our Democratic incumbents accountable and it’s probably time to stop the expecting the heat to come from the Right. It may have to come from the Left; at least around Tucson.... Read more»2

What the Devil won't tell you

The Devil's advocate: Think about Tucson ballot props before you vote, unlike someone I know

How about the least popular column ever put forth in my canon? See, I think the Tucson City Council needs a raise and the minimum wage should maybe stay where it is.... Read more»

Vaccine mandates could make it harder to find child care workers

While many see vaccines as protection for child care workers who put themselves at risk during a pandemic, little time or money has been spent on looking out for this workforce in the past, with low pay the main reason the country’s already shaky child care system is crumbling.... Read more»

Cheating workers on the U.S.-Mexico border

Since January alone, the U.S. Department of Labor has reached back-wage agreements with two San Diego companies that underpaid Mexican nationals, in pesos, for work done at warehouses on the U.S. side of the border. ... Read more»

Essential but ignored: How day care powered the pandemic workforce

When public school systems switched to remote learning, parents who required child care paid high sums for day care that relied on workers who were earning minimum wage - now, those same day care businesses are struggling to recover with high turnover of low-wage workers.... Read more»

With Arizona housing costs skyrocketing, minimum-wage earners can’t afford a 2-bedroom rental anywhere

Full-time minimum wage workers can’t afford a two-bedroom apartment in any state, according to a recent report from affordable housing advocates, and with housing costs skyrocketing in Arizona, many workers are struggling. ... Read more»

Arizona small business owners join pressure campaign against Sinema over filibuster

A coalition of over 500 small businesses throughout Arizona is calling on U.S. Sen. Kyrsten Sinema to take meaningful steps to pass the For The People Act, a proposal she co-sponsored but Senate Republicans have successfully stalled through procedural means. ... Read more»

Anti-poverty advocates urge Sinema to act on voting rights, minimum wage, filibuster

The Poor People’s Campaign announced on Monday the beginning of a weeks-long push calling on Congress to end the Senate filibuster and pass voting rights legislation, with a particular focus on senators like Arizona’s Kyrsten Sinema.... Read more»

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