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An A-10 flown by the Arkansas Air National Guard fires a Maverick missile during a training mission near Tucson in 2012.

The Pentagon’s attempt to retire the A-10 fighter jet was based on insufficient information that did not fully consider vulnerabilities that could come from the loss of the “Warthog,” the Government Accountability Office said. Read more»

A rendering of a World View balloon.

The heads of local business groups are calling on a rightwing lobbying group, the Goldwater Institute, to drop a lawsuit against Pima County over support for World View, the high-altitude technology company. That includes the leaders of the Metro Chamber, Sun Corridor, SALC and Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. Read more»

The opponents of the bonds had it easy. All they needed to do was scare voters into thinking their taxes would skyrocket and that Pima County officials would mishandle the funds. Neither is true. Perhaps those who took such great pride in defeating a really good bond package will now step up and explain their Plan B — assuming they have one. Read more» 11

H.T. Sanchez, superintendent of TUSD urges voters to urged voters to tell state legislators that proposed budget cuts would 'eviscerate' technical training programs and cost TUSD millions.

Superintendents from Pima County's school districts and local business leaders urged voters Thursday to tell state legislators that proposed budget cuts would "eviscerate" technical training programs. Read more»

An A-10 coming in for a landing at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base April, 2014.

Backers of the A-10 aircraft based at Davis-Monthan won another victory Thursday as the Senate Appropriations Committee voted to keep the planes flying for another year as part of the 2015 Pentagon budget. The measure must still be passed by the full Senate. Read more»

In the face of a proposal to retire the entire A-10 fleet, Rep. Ron Barber said he would fight to keep the Warthog flying, calling the aircraft "crucial to our community, to Davis-Monthan, and to the country." While the Pentagon said cutting the plane would save $3.5 billion over five years, Barber said it would only save $700,000 "after having already spent $1 billion to upgrade" the attack aircraft. (with video) Read more»

Guest host Richard Studwell, Tucson Chamber of Commerce President Mike Varney, Good News Communications GM Doug Martin, Lt. Gen John Regni, Martha McSally, Tucson City Council candidate Ben Buehler-Garcia Read more»

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, shown here in a May photo, said he called for civilian furloughs 'reluctantly' but that they were crafted to have the least impact on defense readiness while meeting budget-cutting goals under sequestration.

Defense Department furloughs that took effect Monday will mean about a 20 percent reduction in pay for the rest of this fiscal year for the roughly 8,400 department civilian employees in Arizona. The furloughs do not affect active military, but most civilian defense workers will lose 11 days of pay between now and Sept. 30 because of sequestration. Read more»

Former Senator Frank Antenori, Sen. Steve Farley, Shelly Fishman Financial Adviser, Mike Varney President Tucson Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce, Neighborhood Activist Miguel Ortega, GM Good News Communications Doug Martin Read more»

Tucson had the sixth highest level of poverty in 2011 out of all the nation's largest metropolitan areas, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Local officials identify the city's economic struggles, but point to education as the key to getting more jobs and higher-paying jobs in the region. Read more» 8

The Friday Focus spotlights the CEO of the Tucson Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce, Mike Varney. Then, it's the Reporters' Roundtable featuring Mark B. Evans of the TucsonCitizen.com and Dan Shearer of the Green Valley News. Plus, the Weekend Watch. Read more»

Today on Buckmaster - It's the Friday Focus with a conversation with Mike Varney, of the Tucson Metro Chamber of Commerce. Then, it's the Reporter's Roundtable with Sarah Garrecht Gassen and Mark B. Evans, and Weekend Watch with Matt Russell. Read more»

Tom Collier fills in for Bill Buckmaster. The Friday Focus features a newsmaker interview with Mike Varney of the Tucson Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce. Read more»

Sentinel editor Dylan Smith will weigh in on the Reporters' Roundtable on the Buckmaster Show on Friday. Tune in at noon for an interview with Bill Carnegie of the Food Bank just before the weekly discussion. Read more»

Thursday, the leaders of Southern Arizona's chambers of commerce including Mike Varney, Melissa Black, Ed Stolmaker, Melissa Griebel, Lea Marquez-Peterson, and Dave Perry appeared on the show. Read more»