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Masks no longer required on Tucson's buses & streetcar

Masks will no longer be required on SunTran buses or Tucson's SunLink streetcar after a federal judge in Florida ruled the CDC should not have implemented a nationwide mandate for face-coverings as bulwark against the spread of COVID-19. ... Read more»

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$15 minimum wage advocates raise red flag over Tucson's plans for Labor Standards office

Tucson officials are making a mistake, an advocate of higher wages said, by rolling a new Labor Standards office into the city's Business Services Department. The city is preparing for a gradual increase in the minimum wage after Tucson voters approved the measure last fall.... Read more»

The Tucson agenda

Tucson City Council to get update on Oracle Choice progress; School districts mull incentives

The Tucson City Council will take on re-invigorating the Oracle Choice neighborhood, getting an update on the progress of what used to be a major gateway to the community.... Read more»

Tucson to require film safety guidelines after fatal shooting on 'Rust' set

The city of Tucson is considering a film-set safety ordinance after the fatal shooting of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins by actor Alec Baldwin in late October on the Santa Fe, N.M., set of the Western movie “Rust.” ... Read more»

Pima County sues over Tucson Water rate shifts

Pima County filed a suit against Tucson's city water utility Friday, alleging that an increase in rates for some customers who live outside the city limits can't be implemented as Tucson officials plan.... Read more»

Az Gov. Ducey renews attempt to block Tucson, Pima COVID shot mandates for staff

Slipped into an order about monitoring the Omicron variant of COVID-19, a new attempt by Gov. Ducey to block employee vaccine mandates in the city of Tucson and Pima County has local officials maintaining their stance that he has no such legal power.... Read more»

$15 Pima County minimum wage 'not possible' without BoS support, proponents say

A push for a $15 minimum wage law in Pima County is unlikely to gather steam, as the organizers of a successful initiative in the city of Tucson say the barriers to putting a county-wide measure on the ballot are just too steep.... Read more»

State Sen. Vince Leach asks Ariz. AG to probe Tucson over COVID shot mandate

State Sen. Vince Leach has accused Tucson of violating state law by moving to fire government employees who refuse to be vaccinated by the beginning of December. About $100 million could be held back from the city budget if the AG's Office upholds the complaint.... Read more»

Tucson city attorney: Ducey 'painfully absurd' in attempt to block COVID vaccination mandate

In a sharply worded and often acerbic retort, City Attorney Mike Rankin refuted arguments made by Gov. Doug Ducey's office that Tucson cannot mandate COVID-19 shots for city workers — at one point saying a declaration by Ducey was "painfully absurd."... Read more»

Gov. Ducey demands Tucson rescind COVID shot mandate for gov't employees

Gov. Ducey demanded that Tucson roll back a new policy requiring city employees to get vaccinated or face losing their jobs. The Republican argued that the city's new policy violates state law, which requires the city to grant accommodation requests. Mayor Romero said he is "playing politics" to "deflect from his utter failure" on COVID-19. ... Read more»

FDA give full approval to Pfizer COVID vaccine; Local officials urge Tucsonans to get shots

The FDA granted full approval to the Pfizer-BioNTech coronavirus vaccine Monday—an announcement that removes at least one barrier for those hesitant to get the shot as dozens of employers, including the city of Tucson, have moved forward with vaccine mandates.... Read more»

Tucson elections to go ahead in 2021, Az Supreme Court rules

The Arizona State Supreme Court ruled Wednesday that Tucson will have an election after all this year, shutting down a challenge that would have forced the city to move to even-year elections under a state law.... Read more»

Ducey lifts COVID restrictions, opening Arizona bars & again blocking local mask mandates

Bars in Arizona will no longer have to operate under COVID-19 restrictions, said Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey, who also ordered that cities and counties can no longer mandate face-covering be worn in public — a move called "irresponsible, unethical and unprecedented" and "reckless" by local officials.... Read more»1

Tucson police release info on death of hobbled man on meth, months after fatal incident

Tucson police finally released information on the death of a man in custody in March, weeks after Tucson Sentinel asked for an accounting of all such deaths, and more than a week after the City Council mandated "immediate" public notifications.... Read more»1

What the Devil won't tell you

Tucson must release all info about man's death in police custody... 2 months ago

Dear city leaders: Did you all collectively and repeatedly hit your heads? The info about a death in TPD custody is, under the law, a public record. Make it that way. Now. And why did you wait two months? ... Read more»

Romero orders Tucsonans to wear face masks to stem COVID-19 outbreak

Tucsonans must wear face coverings in public when unable to physically distance, Tucson Mayor Regina Romero ordered Thursday, amending her COVID-19 emergency proclamation ... Read more»

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