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Tucson ready to opt out of RTA Next unless 'unfair, inequitable' system changes

The city of Tucson is prepared to walk away from a renewal of the Regional Transportation Authority, a major funding source for road improvements throughout Pima County, if its partners in the agreement don’t make serious compromises.... Read more»

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39 Tucson city workers being fired for not complying with COVID shot mandate

The city of Tucson has started the process of firing 11 permanent employees who failed to get their COVID-19 shots before a Dec. 1 deadline. Another 28 temporary workers will also no longer eligible to be on the city payroll. But officials said almost 100 percent of staffers were in compliance with the mandate.... Read more»

$15 Pima County minimum wage 'not possible' without BoS support, proponents say

A push for a $15 minimum wage law in Pima County is unlikely to gather steam, as the organizers of a successful initiative in the city of Tucson say the barriers to putting a county-wide measure on the ballot are just too steep.... Read more»

86 Tucson city staffers could lose jobs after not complying with COVID shot mandate

The city of Tucson has a new plan to tackle its staffing shortage, which is expected to worsen with the projected termination of 86 employees who failed to comply with a COVID-19 vaccine mandate by a Dec. 1 deadline. ... Read more»

Most city of Tucson, federal gov't workers vaccinated against COVID

Despite rhetorical fury and legal challenges from Republican leaders, and worries that mandates would fail, most city of Tucson and federal government workers have gotten their COVID-19 vaccine shots or sought exemptions, according to new data.... Read more»

Gov. Ducey demands Tucson rescind COVID shot mandate for gov't employees

Gov. Ducey demanded that Tucson roll back a new policy requiring city employees to get vaccinated or face losing their jobs. The Republican argued that the city's new policy violates state law, which requires the city to grant accommodation requests. Mayor Romero said he is "playing politics" to "deflect from his utter failure" on COVID-19. ... Read more»

Unvaccinated Tucson city employees could be fired after Council mandates COVID shots

In a 4-3 vote, the Tucson City Council said Tuesday that city employees who are not vaccinated by Dec. 1 will face termination. ... Read more»

Tucson city workers required to get COVID shots by Aug. 24

Employees of the City of Tucson will be required to be vaccinated against COVID-19, or get their first shot before August 24. If they do not, they could face sanctions, including possible suspension, after the City Council voted for the mandate Friday.... Read more»1

$36M in Tucson & Pima rent help to get out 'quickly' during 60-day eviction halt

There is still nearly $36 million in emergency rental assistance available in the Tucson area, and on Friday local leaders committed to distributing it quickly during the 60-day extension of the eviction moratorium.... Read more»

Romero ordena que se usen máscaras de COVID en todos los edificios de la ciudad de Tucson

La alcaldesa Regina Romero ordenó que todos los que entren en los edificios de la ciudad de Tucson usen måscåras por causa del aumento de los casos de COVID en el Condado Pima. ... Read more»

Romero orders COVID masks be worn in all Tucson city buildings

Anyone entering a city facility must wear a face mask, Tucson Mayor Regina Romero said Wednesday, following CDC guidance that everyone in areas where COVID-19 cases have spiked should cover their faces in public buildings.... Read more»1

Tucson's city natural gas costs spike 1,700% from Texas freeze

The city of Tucson's costs for daily natural gas use has jumped to more than $41,000 due to price increases prompted by the widespread freezing weather in Texas and elsewhere — a spike of 1,700 percent.... Read more»

State of the city

Romero: Tucson is 'resilient, prepared to return stronger than ever'

"I am proud to report that the state of the city is resilient, and prepared to return stronger than ever." — Tucson Mayor Regina Romero, in her "State of the City" address Wednesday.... Read more»

Tucson imposes nightly COVID-19 curfew as infections skyrocket

As more than 10,000 new coronavirus cases were reported in Arizona, the Tucson City Council voted to impose a nightly curfew to slow the outbreak. The 10 p.m.-5 a.m. curfew begins Friday night, and includes a slew of exceptions.... Read more»

What the Devil won't tell you

Tucson must release all info about man's death in police custody... 2 months ago

Dear city leaders: Did you all collectively and repeatedly hit your heads? The info about a death in TPD custody is, under the law, a public record. Make it that way. Now. And why did you wait two months? ... Read more»

Free rides: Sun Tran drops fares during CV-19 crisis

Tucson bus riders will get a bit of a financial break during the coronavirus outbreak, with Sun Tran zeroing out all fares. Riders should enter by the rear door, and sit apart as much as possible, officials said.... Read more»

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