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The fourth Republican presidential debate featured fewer candidates, but no shortage of factual missteps. Read more»

In the wake of the mass shooting at an Oregon community college, Donald Trump and other Republican presidential candidates claimed that the school was a “gun-free zone.” That’s not exactly accurate. Read more»

The candidates flubbed claims on vaccines, immigration, Hillary Clinton and more. Read more»

Republican presidential candidate and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie answers a question from the audience during a campaign town hall meeting at Sayde's Neighborhood Bar and Grill in Salem, New Hampshire on August 24.

Republican presidential candidate Chris Christie pushed back on Sunday against "ridiculous" criticism of his proposal to track foreign visitors the way FedEx Corp tracks packages, saying government needs private-sector expertise to tackle illegal immigration. Read more»

The candidates made misleading claims on banking, jobs, education and more. Read more»

Huckabee speaking at a fundraiser in Phoenix in May 2015.

Mike Huckabee claimed that a single volcanic eruption “will contribute more than 100 years of human activity” toward global warming. This is far from accurate. Humans actually pump upward of 100 times as much carbon dioxide into the atmosphere every year than all the world’s volcanoes combined. Read more»

The Supreme Court upholds the ACA subsidies, and the political reaction is misleading. Read more»

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush speaking at the Lincoln Dinner in Des Moines, Iowa in May.

Jeb Bush, the brother of one president and son of another, plans to join the 2016 presidential campaign today. It is the first time he has run for national office, so our file on him isn’t as robust as those for some other candidates. Read more»

Two potential Republican candidates for president distorted the facts about climate change and casually dismissed well-established threats and potential solutions. Read more»

Sen. Rand Paul was wrong when he said that 60 percent of law students and 55 percent of medical students are women. The share of female students at law and medical schools in the United States is 47 percent each and hasn’t varied much in 10 years. Read more»

The number of Americans who call themselves members of the Tea Party is down to just 8 percent, a decline that's is entirely predictable in hindsight, considering just how much nonsense one had to believe in order to take seriously the absurdities that Tea Party leaders spouted. Read more» 1

A vigil Sunday in Derby, Conn., for the victims of the Newtown shootings.

As parents and loved ones struggle to come to terms with unimaginable grief, a nation, with its president in the forefront, is trying to understand what in its makeup leads so regularly to scenes of mayhem and death. The answers will not be easy to uncover, but at last, it seems, Americans have the will to begin. Read more»

Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney won the Iowa caucuses on Wednesday morning, beating underdog candidate Rick Santorum by only eight votes. Read more»

Texas Gov. Rick Perry

At a gathering of uncommitted social and evangelical conservatives at the Hill Country spread of mega-donor James Leininger, Texas Gov. Rick Perry spent several hours patiently answering queries on a range of issues, from his stand on immigration reform to the depth of his commitment to oppose abortion, people who were in attendance told The Texas Tribune. Read more»

In recent weeks, we've seen a spate of reporting focusing on Fox CEO Roger Ailes that demonstrates just how deeply the contempt for traditional journalism runs in the organization, and how profoundly political its mission truly is. Read more»

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