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Backyard birds: Annual count uses citizen scientists to take snapshots of U.S. populations

This year’s Great Backyard Bird Count - a four day birding event that gives scientists a real-time snapshot of where birds are across the world - marked the event’s 25th anniversary and uses the data gathered by the public to give scientists a snapshot right before a major migration period.... Read more»

'It was an open country': Gadsden, Arizona resident reflects on life along the border

One Arizona couple has witnessed many changes in the country and in their little town, as a tall wall bristling with razor wire and a dry trickle in a riverbed have replaced open country and a flowing river that controlled life along the border.... Read more»

Supreme Court halts hearings on Trump border cases after Biden reversals

The Supreme Court postponed upcoming hearings challenging the government's ability to divert Defense Department funds to border wall construction and on the administration’s so-called "remain in Mexico" policy Wednesday, after both had been reversed on the first day of President Joe Biden’s term.... Read more»

Mexican news roundup

DEA touts efforts in drug war

A roundup of news coverage from the Mexican side of the border: The Drug Enforcement Administration reports it is making headway in the war on drugs in Mexico. Another report shows that cartel operations are constantly evolving with the Sinaloa and Zetas cartels at the center of the action.... Read more»


Changes in Mexico impacting U.S. immigration policy

What will happen to migration flows from Mexico once the recession ends and the American economy revs up again? To answer this question, we must understand a lesser-known story: how much Mexico itself has changed over the last few decades and what these changes will mean for the future.... Read more»2