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The world’s largest corporations, many of them based in the United States, enter the new year with real trepidation. Autumn’s drumbeat of better U.S. economic news — lower jobless rates, nearly nonexistent inflation, a recovering real estate market, lower energy costs, safer banks and record high share prices — should have America’s CEOs and their shareholders popping champagne corks this holiday season. Read more»

High-rise condos sprout up after a construction boom in Brazil's upper-middle-class neighborhood of Barra de Tijuca (shown in the distance beyond the Joatinga district) in Rio de Janeiro.

Latin America has long been a case study in the social ills brought by sharp economic inequality, its class-stratified societies marked by too few haves and too many have-nots. As the region’s middle class grows, poverty falls. But who deserves the praise? Read more»

From the troubled farmlands of Middle America to uneasy suburban enclaves across the nation, the US middle class is in decline.

After losing ground for four decades, middle America increasingly looks doomed. Here's how it happened. Read more»

In the homestretch to Election Day, both sides stretch the facts in their TV spots. President Obama greatly exaggerates his differences with Mitt Romney over troop withdrawals from Iraq and Afghanistan, while Romney repeats a false claim that the president plans a $4,000 tax increase on “the middle class.” Read more»

For most economists, the concepts of “middle class” or even inequality have not had a prominent place in our thinking about how an economy grows. But that is beginning to change. Read more»

House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan, R-Wis.

President Barack Obama several weeks ago laid out his budget proposal for fiscal year 2013. Now it’s the House Republicans’ turn to present their vision. Read more»

Carlos Slim

Mexico’s Occupy protesters, who focus on poverty and workers’ rights, have failed to win many followers. The movement has been entirely ignored by Mexico’s mainstream politicians. And most Mexicans are more concerned with an end to drug violence. Read more» 2

A new poll from Pew Research Center confirms that Americans are thinking a lot about class disparity. And now that they are talking, it turns out that most Americans think the deck is stacked in favor of the rich. Read more» 1

The stock market tells us the middle class is dying. But we can still save it. Nick Hanauer knows how. Read more» 2

There are nine simple steps that policymakers can take immediately to reduce inequality, get our upside-down economy back on its feet, and begin restoring the promise of the American Dream. Read more» 2

Bill Clinton

President Bill Clinton’s economic strategy focused on policies that invested in people, innovation, and infrastructure—investments that strengthened communities and our middle class. By pairing that strategy with a smart fiscal approach, his administration and Congress during his two terms in office transformed a weak economy into a fundamentally strong one. Read more»

Opinion: It’s the big debate in Washington—extend the “tax cuts for the middle class” alone or include the “tax cuts for the wealthy,” too. A choice between “us” or “them and us.” But really, it’s not a question of whether everyone gets their tax cuts extended. It’s a question of whether everyone gets something and the rich get a bonus. Read more»