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Arizona bowl organizers look to bounce back from 2020’s fanless games

With COVID-19 protocols in 2020 prohibiting fans at the Fiesta and Arizona bowls, and a lack of eligible teams forcing a last-minute cancellation of the Guaranteed Rate Bowl, organizers are eager to welcome fans and teams this year.... Read more»

It’s beginning to look a lot like a post-COVID Christmas for Arizona retailers

In the second holiday season of the pandemic era, goods may cost more, but Americans have more money to spend – and they appear to be eager to spend it - with a report last week saying Arizonans could spend as much as $1,558 per person on gifts this holiday season. ... Read more»

A moving story: Arizona still nets gain of residents from other states

Californians have been beating a path to Arizona over the last decade – but it’s not exactly been a one-way street. While close to 500,000 people moved from California to Arizona from 2010 to 2018, just over 308,000 people were moving in the other direction.... Read more»

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Prop. 409: Low wages for Tucson mayor & council are bad for business

"Each one of us is part-owner of a large and important business venture: the city of Tucson. And it is time for us to offer decent salaries to our seven most important employees: the mayor and members of the City Council." ... Read more»

Shutdown cost economy $11 billion but effects shouldn't last, economists say

Once the government starts up and employees are paid back wages, the economy should recover from the 35-day shutdown.... Read more»

Head of Tucson's MOCA leaving museum

The head of MOCA Tucson is leaving the downtown art space after just one year in the post. Samuel Ireland, the contemporary art museum's executive director, will step down at the beginning of September. ... Read more»

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Buckmaster: Alaska Airlines announces nonstop to Portland

A legislative update from state Rep. Ethan Orr (R-LD 9), and an update from Tucson International Airport about Alaska Airlines' announcement that it will begin nonstop service between Tucson and Portland, Ore.. Also, Michael Guymon, vice president of Tucson Regional Economic Opportunities, and Buckmaster legal contributor, attorney Don Loose.... Read more»

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Buckmaster: 'Top 2' primary measure debate

Former Arizona legislator Ted Downing and Bruce Ash, Arizona GOP national committeeman, debated the open primary measure. Also, TREO's Michael Guymon on efforts to improve Tucson air service, and attorney Don Loose reviewed the ballot measures going before Arizona voters this fall.... Read more»