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When ProPublica compared the richest Americans’ wealth gains to the taxes they paid, we found a system that benefits billionaires. White House economists recently used a similar method to calculate tax rates, revealing stark inequality. Read more»

In 1990, Congress accidentally created GRATs when it closed another estate tax loophole that was popular at the time. The IRS challenged the maneuver but lost in court.

It’s well known among tax lawyers and accountants for the ultrawealthy: The estate tax can be easily avoided by exploiting a loophole unwittingly created by Congress three decades ago - and by using special trusts, a rarefied group of Americans has taken advantage of this loophole. Read more»

Right to the City Los Angeles held a downtown rally April 18, 2011 calling for higher taxes on corporations and the ultrawealthy.

ProPublica’s investigation released Tuesday revealing that the top 25 wealthiest Americans have paid little, and sometimes nothing, in federal income taxes has resulted in demands to rewrite the tax code and to investigate how the confidential data was released. Read more»

Carmen Lodato began advocating with gun control group Moms Demand Action after her mother was shot and killed in Alexandria, Virginia, in 2014. Advocates like her were instrumental in getting stricter gun laws implemented this year.

Taking time out from overseeing Virginia’s response to the pandemic, Democratic Gov. Ralph Northam signed a slate of bills: requiring universal background checks on firearm purchases, restricting handgun purchases to one a month and allowing law enforcement to seize guns from people who may be a risk to themselves or others. Read more»

Former Vice President Joe Biden was coasting to an apparent victory in Arizona’s Democratic presidential preference election Tuesday, extending his delegate lead and leaving Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders a very steep climb to their party’s nomination. Read more»

Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren racked up more endorsements from Arizona politicians than any Democrat in the presidential primary, but it did her little good in the end, as she suspended her campaign last week.

Arizona lawmakers have been busy offering endorsements to candidates in hopes of having an impact in the state’s presidential primary. Read more»

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders had a strong lead in campaign donations from Arizona donors among the Democratic field of presidential hopefuls, raising $768,054 as of Jan. 31, according to Federal Election Commission reports. (photo credit Gage Skidmore/Flickr) President Trump has raised $1.4 million from donors in Arizona where he faces no primary after the state Republican Party canceled the primary for president this year. (photo credit Reno Del Toro/Cronkite News)

Arizona’s presidential preference primary is still almost a month away, but voters are already making their preferences known with their wallets. Read more»

Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg welcomed supporters Saturday as his campaign opened its Arizona headquarters in the warehouse district of downtown Phoenix.

Michael Bloomberg told supporters that Arizona could pave his path to the White House, with the state as a major battleground of the 2020 presidential election. Read more»

A New York group urging immigration reform has calculated that about 900,000 immigrants living in Arizona contribute at least $21.4 billion to the state’s economy through purchases as well as taxes. Read more»

Of the roughly $7.4 million in individual contributions made to Arizona politics in 2015, about 10 percent came from 10 individuals or households. Longtime contributors like Jim Pederson, Bill and Alice Roe, Jerry and Marilyn Hayden, and Jim and Vicki Click again made the list of the largest political contributions. Read more»

Gov. Doug Ducey at his inauguration this week.

Former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg, casino mogul Sheldon Adelson and wrestling magnate Linda McMahon might make a funny trio for the setup of a joke, but what they actually have in common is their outsized funding of Arizona's 2014 campaign season. Read more» 4

Dr. Garen Wintemute

Since Congress pressured the CDC to stop funding research on gun violence, Dr. Garen Wintemute has donated more than $1.1 million of his own money to keep his research going. Read more»

Now a private citizen, former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg will spend $50 million on gun control this year. Read more»

Traditional candy and dry fruit are seen for sale at a market in Mexico. Mexico's lower house approved a tax on junk foods to fight the country's growing obesity problem.

Mexico's many junk food mavens will soon be plunking down more pesos to pack on the pounds. The lower house of congress has approved a 5 percent tax on fatty foods and soft drinks — a levy widely known here as the “Bloomberg tax,” referring to New York City's outgoing fat-fighting mayor — in an effort to combat a spreading obesity pandemic. Read more»

The power of the gun lobby is rooted in multiple factors, among them the pure passion of many gun owners, the NRA’s ability to motivate its most fervent members to swarm their representatives, and the lobby’s ability to get out the vote. Lawmakers' fear may not be justified, but recent votes reveal that it still exists. Read more»

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