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After 71 years, soldier killed in Korean War buried with Tucson family on Veterans Day

The ashes of Korean War casualty Army Pfc. Glenn Collins, killed in the Battle of Chosin Reservoir, were returned to his family in Tucson in a Veterans Day ceremonial burial, 71 years after he was reported missing in the Korean War.... Read more»

Tucson to honor local Korean War casualty with ceremonial Veterans Day burial

Tucson native and casualty of the Korean War Glenn Collins will be buried in the South Lawn Cemetery in a Veterans Day ceremony on Thursday. Collins had gone accounted for in 1950 after the Battle at Chosin Reservoir, a disastrous battle for U.S. forces in the post-WWII Pacific conflict. ... Read more»

Big revamp of Pentagon’s troubled mission to find missing soldiers looks a lot like old revamp

Without change of leadership throughout, meaningful change could be elusive, critics say. ... Read more»

Pentagon overhauls effort to identify its missing

The restructuring promises to address many of the problems laid out in a recent ProPublica and NPR investigation. ... Read more»