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Chicanos por la Causa lanza una campaña de $10 millones para salir a votar

Chicanos Por La Causa, Mi Familia Vota y Promise Arizona han lanzado una iniciativa de $10 millones para alentar a los más de 2 millones de latinos que llaman hogar a Arizona a que hagan oír su voz sin importar su afiliación política.... Read more»

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Chicanos Por La Causa launches $10 million 'get out the vote' campaign

Chicanos Por La Causa, Mi Familia Vota and Promise Arizona have launched a $10 million initiative to encourage the more than 2 million Latinos who call Arizona home to make their voices heard regardless of party affiliation.... Read more»

Arizona sued for demanding proof of citizenship from voters

Mi Familia Vota, a national voting rights group, sued sued Arizona on Thursday to block a new law - passed the Republican-controlled Legislature down party lines - requiring individuals to provide proof of citizenship when they register to vote. ... Read more»

Votantes de Arizona deben saber como mantenerse registrados y funcionarios del estado quieren ayudar

Con los cambios en las leyes de votación, las oficinas del Secretario de Estado de Arizona y el Registrador del Condado están enseñando a los votantes a registrarse y permanecer registrados para las elecciones de 2022.... Read more»

DACA recipients, families & advocates will push for permanent immigration status

Immigrant rights groups gathered to remember the nearly two decades that advocates have pushed for meaningful immigration reform and to mobilize support for two congressional proposals: the Farm Workforce Modernization Act and the American Dream and Promise Act of 2021.... Read more»

A place at the table: Latinas in Arizona strive for representation in politics

Latinos are a growing force in the nation’s political landscape, even as they lag in election to public office in Arizona and elsewhere. Hispanics account for the nation’s largest ethnic or racial minority and more than half of the total U.S. population growth since 2010, with most of the increases in the Southwest. Hispanics make up nearly one-third of Arizona’s 7.3 million residents, although their last statewide representative was Raúl Castro, who was elected governor in 1974. That 46-year drought ended Jan. 4, when Anna Tovar and Lea Márquez Peterson were sworn in as Arizona Corporation Commissioners – Márquez Peterson as the chair – and became the first Latinas elected to statewide office in Arizona. ... Read more»

Report: Arizona a 'shining example' for Democrats wooing Latino voters

Democrats looking to win the Latino vote should take their cues from Arizona, which was held up as a “shining example” of how it’s done by the author of an election post-mortem on the Latino vote. Nuestro PAC said months of advance grassroots work by organizations like LUCHA and Mi Familia Vota paved the way for an increase in Latino voting in Arizona, a historically red state where Democrat Joe Biden eked out a presidential victory by less than 11,000 votes.... Read more»

'Long time coming': Latino voters help flip Arizona, tighten key races

Latino voters fueled by the Trump administration’s failures to curb COVID-19 and the lingering impact of the anti-immigration law known as SB 1070 helped turn Arizona blue after decades of entrenched Republican rule, according to organizers who have spent years working toward this moment.... Read more»

Mi Familia Vota sues Trump admin, alleging election sabatoge

From his encouragement of the Proud Boys to his slowing down the mail, the president’s threats to Election Day peace of mind are many and varied, a new lawsuit claims. ... Read more»

Arizona's history of rejected ballots creates further election uncertainty

Less than a month away from the November election, Arizona's voter registration deadline has changed twice in two weeks, putting into question whether the latest update reached voters in time, and leaving the possibility that large numbers of ballots could be rejected. ... Read more»

Arizona's extended voter registration deadline cut off Thursday

The 9th U.S. Circuit Court has blocked an extended voter registration deadline ordered by a federal judge, but will still give Arizonans until Thursday to register to vote in the November election.... Read more»

Judge orders Arizona to extend voter registration to Oct. 23

Voters in Arizona will have almost another three weeks for sign up to cast ballots after a federal judge ordered the state to push back a registration deadline that was set for Monday at midnight, citing the difficulties created by the COVID-19 pandemic.... Read more»

Two Arizona tribes, advocacy group join suits over EPA’s clean-water rule rollback

Two Arizona tribes and a Phoenix-based advocacy group joined a pair of lawsuits this week to reverse a Trump administration clean-water rule that critics said would open the “vast majority of Arizona’s waterways” to pollution and degradation.... Read more»

Community groups launch COVID relief fund for undocumented families

When Gov. Doug Ducey was asked during an April 2 town hall event what message he had for the state’s undocumented community, who are left without access to state and federal economic relief programs to assist people during the COVID-19 crisis, the Republican leader provided no comfort or reassurance.... Read more»

Early-voting bill would disenfranchise thousands of Arizonans, protesters contend

Senate Bill 1032 would throw out a vote if the envelope containing the ballot wasn’t signed as required – that signature confirms the person is registered to vote and voted on the ballot tucked inside.... Read more»

Voter registration suit in Arizona ends with settlement

Arizona agreed Monday to a settlement to provide more effective voter registration services to people who move so they do not suddenly find themselves bumped from the voter rolls.... Read more»

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