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Man dies in hospital days after violent confrontation with TPD officers

A 34-year-old Tucson man died at a hospital Friday afternoon, days after a violent confrontation when he fought with police officers and was repeatedly shocked with a taser. ... Read more»

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Cold stash: A/C unit on RV held $4.4M in fentanyl & meth

A Phoenix-area man was arrested Monday after Customs and Border Protection officers found nearly $4.4 million in drugs — including 800 lbs. of meth, and more than 110 lbs. of fentanyl — at the border crossing in Lukeville, Ariz. ... Read more»

CBP busts 'record-breaking' haul of 3,300 lbs of meth in Nogales

Customs and Border Protection officers made the largest seizure of meth in the Tucson Field's Office's history Wednesday when they found nearly 3,300 pounds worth asbout $7.7 million stashed in a shipment of auto parts.... Read more»

El Chapo's brother indicted in Tucson for drug trafficking, U.S. offers $5M reward

Federal officials in Tucson unsealed two indictments against Aureliano Guzmán-Loera — the brother of the notorious drug kingpin known as El Chapo — charging him and other high-ranking members of the Sinaloa Cartel with international drug trafficking.... Read more»

Fentanyl overdoses leading cause of death among young people in Pima County

Fentanyl overdoses are now the leading cause of death among kids and teenagers 19 and under in Pima County, putting the county on pace to set a record for overdose deaths for the third consecutive year. ... Read more»1

Nogales man gets 41 months in prison for cross-border drug tunnel

A Nogales-area man was sentenced in federal court to 41 months in prison for his role in the construction and use of a drug-smuggling tunnel to move narcotics through a cross-border sewer system. ... Read more»

Tohono O'odham firefighter charged with meth possession, illegally ordering allergy pills to 'cook' drugs

A firefighter was arrested by federal agents Monday for allegedly ordering allergy pills so he could make methamphetamine for himself and his girlfriend at his home in a remote part of the Tohono O'odham Nation. ... Read more»

$3M in drugs stashed in backpacks seized near Lukeville

Border Patrol agents near Lukeville, Arizona intercepted two backpacks containing $3 million worth of narcotics on Saturday and arrested one man, authorities said.... Read more»

TOPD officer run over by stolen patrol car after confrontation near Why

A Tohono O'odham Police Department officer died Thursday after a man armed with a broken bottle stole his patrol car and ran the officer down, leading to a chase involving two Border Patrol agents.... Read more»

'Alarming increase': Fentanyl passes meth as cause of OD deaths in Pima County

A "sustained increase" in the number of overdose deaths related to fentanyl — which are numbering more than a decreasing number of fatal meth ODs — has Pima County officials issuing an alert to healthcare providers.... Read more»

Drones buzz $300k in coke, meth over border near Yuma

Yuma-area Border Patrol agents seized more than $300,000 in cocaine and meth dropped by drones flown from Mexico last week, authorities said. ... Read more»

Truckload of bell peppers, tomatoes stuffed with 'historic' amount of meth

A semi-trailer of bell peppers and tomatoes was also loaded with 690 lbs. of methamphetamine worth around $690,000, said Nogales-area Customs officers — the largest seizure of meth in Arizona ports history. ... Read more»

As suicide rates climb, 'Arizona model' leads nation in crisis care

Other states are starting to emulate what has become known as the “Arizona model” for crisis care, in which suicide hotlines, mobile crisis units and crisis facilities are electronically linked, creating a comprehensive system of services to address the first 24 hours of a person’s psychiatric emergency. ... Read more»

Cross-border drug tunnel found beneath Nogales home

A cross-border tunnel was discovered late Tuesday night in Nogales, Arizona, and border agents arrested two men and seized more than 200 pounds of narcotics, including methamphetamine. ... Read more»

Goofball: Dangerous drug combination increases likelihood of opioid overdoses

More opioid users nationwide now use meth, with a 34% increase in 2017, According to a study published in the Drug and Alcohol Dependence Journal. The greatest increases in meth use were reported in the western U.S.... Read more»

Ultralight buzzes over border; $500K in smuggled drugs seized

Tucson Sector Border Patrol agents tracked a modified ultralight airplane to an improvised runway southeast of Tucson, and seized nearly $500,000 in methamphetamine and fentanyl Thursday night, authorities said. ... Read more»

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