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Az GOP 'smart' ballot drop boxes come with a hefty price tag, if they’re ever created

Republicans hope to replace outside ballot drop boxes with “smart” boxes that don’t yet exist and will cost 500% more than the ones that Arizona counties already use, based on the unfounded claim that ballot-box stuffing helped steal the election from former President Trump.... Read more»

‘Patriot Party’ misses deadline to be an official Arizona political party in 2022

The fledgling Patriot Party skipped an appointment with the Arizona Secretary of State’s Office to submit signatures so it can be recognized as an official party, meaning its candidates won’t be on the ballot in the 2022 election cycle, the first since its formation.... Read more»

Early ballot envelopes look a little different for current Arizona elections

When Arizona voters receive mailed ballots for people who don’t live at their address, they can now check a box on the envelope to inform election officials. ... Read more»