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A sign in favor of Proposition 211,  which would require major funders of independent campaign advertising to identify themselves and their donors whose contributions exceed $5,000.

Arizona voters are set to approve or reject 10 ballot initiatives - the majority of which were referred to the ballot by legislators, including three which restrict the ability of Arizonans to pass their own laws. Read more»

Proposition 209 would ease the stress on patients with overdue medical bills - one of the leading causes of consumer complaints - so they could keep jobs and homes and eventually pay off their debts, backers say. But critics say the measure will affect all debt and up rewarding those who don't pay their bills while penalizing those who do.

Proposition 209 would increase protections for Arizona residents who face potential wage or asset seizures because of outstanding debt - but critics say the proposal will backfire, rewarding people who don’t pay their bills and punishing people who do. Read more»

The burden of medical debt falls heavily on those who are chronically ill, uninsured, low income, Black or Hispanic or live in states that have not expanded Medicaid eligibility as allowed under the Affordable Care Act.

The country is awash in medical debt - $195 billion worth at least and affecting tens of millions - and with stories of residents losing homes, savings and credit as a consequence, nearly a dozen states have enacted laws to provide protections for consumers. Read more»

President Joe Biden’s campaign promise to cancel student debt on federal college loans - but little attention has been focused on what is a bigger debt crisis: An estimated 100 million people in the U.S., or 41% of all adults, have health care debt. Read more»

Nationwide, about 1 in 5 indebted adults who have had cancer or have a family member who’s been sick say they owe $10,000 or more.

Cancer kills about 600,000 people in the U.S. annually, making it a leading cause of death - and many more survive it, because of breakthroughs in medicines - but the high costs of modern-day care have left millions with a devastating financial burden. Read more»

About 1 in 7 people with debt said they’ve been denied access to a hospital, doctor, or other provider because of unpaid bills, according to the poll.

More than 100 million people in America, including 41% of adults, are beset by a health care system that is systematically pushing patients into debt on a mass scale - much hidden as credit card balances, loans from family, or payment plans to hospitals. Read more»