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Patients over profits: Arizona must act on medical billing reform

The No Surprises Act, passed in hopes of ending surprise medical bills, was hijacked by the healthcare insurance industry and filled with loopholes - and what was a bipartisan success story is now a national threat to patient care.... Read more»

House panel told deaths of children in CBP custody could have been prevented

Medical experts told members of Congress Wednesday that the deaths of two children in Customs and Border Protection custody could have been prevented, but called the deaths “symptoms of a more extensive system that requires much improvement.”... Read more»

Sinema's campaign a favorite for big pharma donations

Sen. Kyrsten Sinema formed a congressional caucus to raise “awareness of the benefits of personalized medicine” in February. Soon after that, employees of pharmaceutical companies donated $35,000 to her campaign committee.... Read more»

Obamacare myths

We’ve been batting down bogus claims about the Affordable Care Act for years, since 2009, when legislation was still in the debate stage. But they’ve been increasing in intensity in recent months as we approach Oct. 1, the date the insurance exchanges will be open for business for those buying their own insurance, mainly with the help of federal subsidies.... Read more»

Az partnership to provide health care to thousands of kids

Three state health institutions will put up $113 million, subject to the federal government matching those funds $2 for $1, to improve medical care for children of the working poor, Gov. Jan Brewer said Monday.... Read more»