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Las mascotas alivian la soledad y el aislamiento social, según estudia de ASU

Meals on Wheels y ASU se están asociando para estudiar el efecto que tienen las mascotas en el aislamiento social y la soledad, y cómo el servicio de comidas puede expandir sus programas para los dueños de mascotas.... Read more»

Meals on Wheels, ASU study how pets affect social isolation, loneliness among older adults

Meals on Wheels, which gives gives volunteers critical insight into whether lonely clients are suffering health consequences, and ASU are partnering to study the effect pets have on social isolation and loneliness, and how the meal service can expand its programs for pet owners.... Read more»

Experts: Aging in isolation a ‘silent killer’ for millions

Mortality rates are higher among seniors who are aging in isolation, a “silent killer” that affects millions but goes mostly unnoticed. An estimated 8 million older adults are affected by isolation, putting them at more risk for depression, dementia and mortality, a group of experts, including the Pima Council on Aging's W. Mark Clark, told Congress.... Read more»


Faith in values: Sequestration hurts all of us, not just most vulnerable

It’s Day 90 of sequestration—the across-the-board spending cuts that went into effect March 1, which the Obama administration predicted would be devastating and conservatives insisted wouldn’t be so bad. Three months in, it’s worth asking how harmful the phased-in cuts have been—although that depends on whom you ask.... Read more»