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Congress might allow frustrated landlords to seek rent relief

A measure moving through the U.S. House of Representatives would allow landlords to apply without tenant approval for federal aid to cover back rent they are owed - more than 6 million households owed some $16.8 billion in rent debt, according to census data from early August.... Read more»

Supreme Court rejection of eviction ban increases pressure to dole out rental aid money

The Supreme Court’s rejection of the Biden administration’s effort to extend a federal ban on evictions has put hundreds of thousands of American renters at risk of losing their housing — and increasing pressure on states and localities to get rental assistance dollars distributed. ... Read more»

Tucson native trades career for full-time Code Pink anti-war activism

Tighe Barry believes in nothing less than saving the planet. And if he has to wear pink to do it, so be it. ... Read more»

Obama to black leaders: 'Stop complainin' '

At the annual awards dinner of the Congressional Black Caucus on Saturday, President Barack Obama told black leaders that have criticized him for not doing enough to address black unemployment to quit complaining and focus on supporting him.... Read more»1