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Max Cannon: COVID about to go from very bad to unimaginably worse in Arizona

"Please be acutely aware that the politicians are straight out lying to you. This isn't getting better or leveling off or going away or anything of that sort. We are about to have the unfortunate experience of 'living through history.' And not the good kind of history."... Read more»

Weekend preview: Good things come in threes

Perhaps you are the sort for whom a hike in this heat sounds like a fate worse than death. If so, here are three options for each weekend day to keep you cool.... Read more»

Arts preview

Weekend preview: Easter weekend

Plan your three-day weekend with the Sentinel. In addition to the KXCI Festival en el Barrio Viejo and the 28th Tucson Poetry Festival, there is plenty to do in Tucson this weekend.... Read more»1