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Ducey campaign double reports $1.1 million in contributions

Campaign finance reports summarizing the money raised and spent by Arizona political committees during 2017 show more than $1 million in contributions that have been double reported because of how money raised by Gov. Doug Ducey’s joint fundraising committee has been documented.... Read more»

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Lesko, Tipirneni win CD8 special primary

Former state Sen. Debbie Lesko had a commanding lead over a crowded Republican field in the hotly contested special election to replace former Rep. Trent Franks. Democrat Hiral Tipirneni had comfortable lead in the Democratic primary, setting up an April 24 special election between the two women.... Read more»

More than 100,000 early votes cast in hot CD8 race

Voters went to the polls Tuesday for a special primary election to replace former Rep. Trent Franks, R-Glendale, but the nearly 2,000 who had showed up by late morning were dwarfed by the more than 101,000 mail-in ballots in the race.... Read more»

State election chief seeks new funds for hobbled campaign finance website overhaul

Secretary of State Michele Reagan campaigned on making it easier for people to see how money flows into political campaigns. But after spending $494,000 on a new website that never saw the light of day, her office is now asking the Clean Election Commission to pay $200,000 of an estimated $462,000 cost to develop a new website, plus $50,000 per year in maintenance.... Read more»

County recorders: Sec State's office not justifying demands to purge voters

Arizona’s 15 county recorders sent a letter to Secretary of State Michele Reagan, saying communication with her office is “in a dire state” because Election Director Eric Spencer has been “ineffective and disrespectful,” and created legal conflicts with demands to remove voters from registration rolls.... Read more»1

Secretary of State floats overhaul of Az election laws

Secretary of State Michele Reagan has begun circulating a memo detailing a proposed overhaul of the laws governing virtually every aspect of how elections are conducted in Arizona, from data protocols and recount procedures, to “sore loser” candidates and voter fraud investigations.... Read more»

Green Party's presidential candidate won't be on Az ballot

A missed filing deadline means that the presidential nominee of the Green Party — most likely Jill Stein — won't be on the ballot in Arizona come November, officials said.... Read more»

Democrats sue Maricopa County, state officials over voting debacle

Democratic groups and voters made good Friday on their threat to sue state and Maricopa County officials for alleged civil rights violations in the March 22 presidential preference election that saw hours-long waits, among other problems at the polls.... Read more»1

Clinton, Trump have easy wins in Az

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump led their respective party elections in Arizona by large margins Tuesday as results came in from around the state. A number of independent voters, unaware that they aren't eligible to participate in the partisan contests, showed up at the polls.... Read more»2

Thursday is deadline to mail early ballots

If you've got an early ballot for next week's Arizona presidential preference election, you should mail it by Thursday so it'll be counted, officials said. Early ballots can also be dropped at polling places on Tuesday. ... Read more»

Friday is deadline to request early ballots for Az pres nominating vote

If you'd like to receive an early ballot for Arizona's take on the presidential primary, Friday at 5 p.m. is the deadline to ask for one to be mailed to you. ... Read more»

Parties pick up voters, but no nominating ballot for largest bloc in Arizona

Both the Democratic and Republican parties in Arizona gained voters before last week's deadline to register for the presidential nominating contest in the state. The number of non-party, "independent" voters fell, but the state's system can't provide data on which party those voters registered with, officials said.... Read more»1

Still have your early ballot? Make sure your vote is counted

Like 60 percent of Arizona voters, Jeff McMahon, a Democrat from Tempe, is on Arizona’s permanent early voting list. Unlike a large percentage of early voters, McMahon is vigilant about walking his early ballot to the post office at least a couple of weeks before Election Day. The Secretary of State’s Office named Thursday as the “deadline” for mailing in early ballot so they will arrive in time.... Read more»

Against long odds, write-in candidates seek governor’s office

A write-in candidate has never been elected governor of Arizona, and the odds are long that one ever will be. But don’t tell J. Johnson that. He says he’s serious about challenging Republican Doug Ducey and Democrat Fred DuVal even though he lacks their campaign teams and money. “I’m 100 percent sure I’ll win,” he said.... Read more»

Rejected ballots document problems in Az elections

Tens of thousands of ballots cast in Arizona’s 2012 election were rejected by elections officials, indicating continued communication and voter education problems in the state, according to an analysis of rejected ballots and interviews with elections experts and legislators.... Read more»

Report: Az lags most states in election administration

Most states had better overall election administration procedures than Arizona in 2008 and 2010, according to a study released this week by the Pew Charitable Trusts.... Read more»1

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