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Republican state legislators keep sending bills to Democratic Gov. Katie Hobbs and she keeps vetoing them, including one she struck down Monday that critics say would have helped to codify fetal personhood. Read more»

In August, Republicans in both the U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate introduced similar bills, at the urging of anti-abortion groups. Sponsors of those proposals have said their goal is to sharply curtail abortion rights.

Arizona has moved one step closer to what critics say is a sneaky attempt to add fetal personhood into state law in a way that would avoid a federal court ruling that blocked a straightforward personhood law passed two years ago. Read more»

#RedForEd marchers as they moved toward the Capitol in April 2018 as part of a protest over low teacher pay.

Lawmakers are hoping to convince teachers to stay in Arizona with a $10,000 pay raise, but the proposal comes with caveats that opponents say renders it purely performative and the total funding allocation is likely to repeatedly push schools over the constitutional spending cap. Read more»

Pushing up the deadline for disenrollment would require more staff, at a cost of around $16.7 million.

Hundreds of thousands of Arizonans are at risk of losing their Medicaid coverage over the next year because they are no longer eligible, and some state lawmakers are looking to speed up the disenrollment process. Read more»

Reproductive rights protesters in Tucson in June 2022.

Republicans in the Arizona Senate want to mandate care for children delivered alive during abortions - even though there’s already a law on the books that does just that - and amends language in the current law to change the word “fetus” to “infant” and “delivered” to “born alive.” Read more»

Because it may not be clear which of the multiple drugs in someone’s system is the one that actually killed them, the bill instead targets anyone who sold the user a drug that may have contributed to the death.

The Arizona House Health and Human Services Committee voted in favor of a bill that would establish a level 1 felony punishment for selling a narcotic drug that results in the death of the user - but some Democrats say the bill is unconstitutional and broad. Read more»

Phoenix police officers during a traffic stop on Nov. 13, 2017 in South Phoenix.

Arizona police departments have been struggling for years to hire enough officers, but one Republican legislator says that’s no reason the state shouldn’t require that they respond to calls sooner — and punish them if they don’t hit the state mandate. Read more»

Repulican lawmaker Matt Gress promises that his suite of pregnancy-related bills are solely aimed at protecting pregnant mothers. But some skeptics say that his proposals are a backdoor attempt to codify fetal personhood into Arizona law.

One state lawmaker promises that his suite of pregnancy-related bills are solely aimed at protecting pregnant mothers. But some skeptics say that his proposals are a backdoor attempt to codify fetal personhood into Arizona law. Read more»

A resident protests outside the Lazy Daze Mobile Home Park.

As mobile homes continue to be displaced by development across Arizona, a bipartisan bill would increase allotments dispersed by the Mobile Home Relocation Fund, and increase the amount the landlord must pay to the fund for each tenant filing for relocation assistance. Read more»

The record funding investment allocated by the legislature last year — which is a part of why school funding has exceeded the cap — has already been given to schools.

As schools across Arizona face down an impending fiscal cliff, lawmakers met on Thursday to discuss what their options are — despite the fact that legislation to address the issue has been ready to go since the session started. Read more»

In 2022, 10 people younger than 25 were elected to state legislative positions across the U.S. Four of them were younger than 20.

The Arizona House government committee will hear a bill this week that supporters say will increase civic engagement and voter turnout in young Arizonans by lowering the minimum age to run for both chambers of the Arizona Legislature from 25 to 18. Read more»

Voters in November authorized allowing undocumented Arizona high school graduates to pay in-state tuition and receive state financial aid.

The Arizona Legislature has been in session for barely a week, and already Republican lawmakers are saying bipartisanship appears firmly out of reach and the state is headed for a government shutdown this summer.  Read more»

Republican legislative candidate Matt Gress on July 4, 2022.

Matt Gress, a candidate for the Arizona House of Representatives, announced his “Pay Teachers First” plan on Monday, centered around an immediate and permanent $10,000 pay raise for Arizona teachers. Read more»

The FanDuel Sportsbook opened at the Footprint Center on Sept. 9, 2021.

Through the first six months of legalized sports gambling, Arizona's state coffers have yet to cross the $10 million mark, while sportsbooks have made $225 million. Read more»

Matt Gress, budget director for Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey, received 24 separate contributions from lobbyists totaling nearly $13,000 - after promising not to accept any contributions from lobbyists during the legislative session. Read more» 1

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