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Back off parents: It’s not your job to teach Common Core math

What should parents do when they don’t understand their kids’ homework? Parents across the country are trying to make sense of Common Core standards, a set of academic expectations that call for less focus on memorization and more focus on explaining how solutions were found and, in English, a deep probe of text.... Read more»

Will Common Core math standards survive — and who's behind them?

Jason Zimba and the other writers of the Common Core knew the transition would be tough, but they never imagined conflicts over bad homework would fuel political battles and threaten the very existence of their dream to remodel American education.... Read more»1

CBP officers arrest five, seize more $500K in hard drugs

Customs and Border Protection officers seized more than $500,000 in heroin and methamphetamine and arrested five at two Arizona ports last week. ... Read more»1

Why is this Common Core math problem so hard? Supporters respond to quiz that went viral

It may be the first time a math problem has gone viral on the Internet.... Read more»

St. Gregory student wins international math award

Over 400 teams from around the world recently competed in a high school mathematics competition in Beijing, China. Among them was Kylie Zhang, an 18-year-old senior at St. Gregory in Tucson. Although she was the sole member of her team, Zhang's new 3-D printing method won the Gold Prize.... Read more»

Free weekend math tutoring offered by TUSD

Whether they have a fractional understanding of algebra or are having trouble making heads or tails of probability, Tucson students who need help with their math studies can receive free tutoring on Saturdays throughout the school year.... Read more»

Arizona scores low in teacher preparation study

Arizona is lacking policies that enforce proper training of future teachers, a study by the National Council on Teacher Quality found.... Read more»

Poll: Arizonans value education, critical of system

Arizonans believe education is a critical, but that public schools are failing to prepare students for college or the workplace, according to a statewide poll.... Read more»1

Despite drops, Az students outpace nation on SAT scores

Arizona’s college-bound students continued to score higher than the national average on all sections of the SAT, according to a College Board report released Wednesday.... Read more»

Comic: Seventeen Words For Snow

Ice fishing

Fishing, skating, and math. Oh my.... Read more»5