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Legisladores de Arizona consideran expandir cobertura Medicaid para la atención posparto

Los defensores están presionando a los legisladores de Arizona para que amplíen la cobertura de Medicaid para las mujeres después de dar a luz, para ayudar a mejorar los resultados de salud materna y combatir el aumento de las muertes relacionadas con el embarazo.... Read more»

Arizona lawmakers consider Medicaid expansion for postpartum care

Advocates are pushing Arizona lawmakers to expand Medicaid coverage for women after they give birth, to help improve maternal health outcomes and combat rising pregnancy-related deaths. ... Read more»

Arizona lags in prenatal care, but ranks well in infant deaths, preemies

Arizona outperformed the nation on its rates of premature births and infant deaths, despite having some of lowest rates of prenatal care among the states, according to a recent March of Dimes report that describes “maternity care deserts” in southern Arizona.... Read more»

Q&A: Navajo woman starts nonprofit to improve maternal health

A nurse with Indian Health Service, Nicolle Gonzales noticed gaps that left many Native American women with insufficient pregnancy and birthing care - prompting her to launch the nonprofit Changing Woman Initiative to address maternal health disparities in Indigenous women.... Read more»

Taking AIM: Arizona hospitals collaborate to fight maternal mortality

The AIM Collaborative brings together 33 hospitals across Arizona to help combat pregnancy-related deaths and address underlying causes using strategies based on evidence as federal and state officials have pushed for legislation to protect mothers.... Read more»

Biden quietly transforms Medicaid safety net

The Biden administration is quietly engineering a series of expansions to Medicaid that may bolster protections for millions of low-income Americans and bring more people into the program, drawing criticism from Republicans, some of whom accuse the administration of trampling states’ rights.... Read more»

Women in the workforce

Motherhood and the workplace: Is it getting better?

When Annabelle Kipnis started working in retail 15 years ago, she found that the workplace isn’t always kind to women. ... Read more»


So much for health-care reform: What about workplace reform?

It looks like the life-changing, world-altering health-care reform we've been hearing so much of will likely be no more than insurance provider reform. There's another big issue, one that affects millions, but that is hardly a blip on the politico's radar: workplace reform.... Read more»