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Trump administration rushing deportations of migrant kids during coronavirus

Their father was missing. Their mother was miles away. Two sisters, ages 8 and 11, were survivors of sexual assault and at risk of deportation. With the nation focused on COVID-19, the U.S. government is rushing the deportations of migrant children.... Read more»

Trump admin's 'Migrant Protection Policy' a study in irony at Az border

The Trump administration’s “remain in Mexico” policy for asylum-seekers has sparked a human-rights crisis that already has killed several people, and it’s getting worse, according to volunteers working in Mexican border towns and a recent report from a federal watchdog.... Read more»

Hundreds of Mexicans seek shelter near border

Eleven blocks from the border, hundreds of destitute Mexicans are gathered in a shelter, escaping what they fear is certain death. ... Read more»2

Border & immigration

State Dep't renews Mexico travel warning

The U.S. State Department has renewed its warning for Americans to avoid unnecessary travel to northern Mexico. The state of Sonora is not in the list of areas to avoid travel but Nogales, Son., is mentioned as a city where firefights have broken out.... Read more»2

Border violence

Drug shootouts close U.S. consulate in Reynosa, Mexico

The U.S. has closed its consulate in the Mexican city of Reynosa after a series of gunfights between soldiers and drug gangs.... Read more»