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What the Devil won't tell you

Ally Miller's lack of discipline exposes taxpayers, undermines GOP

Ally Miller is about to be sued over handling records, but this time her lack of compliance could cost the county (taxpayers: you) cash. While a vanishing Facebook comment could be worth $75,000, what Miller's inability to pick her battles has really cost is the Tea Party's chance to completely take over the Pima County Board of Supervisors. ... Read more»2

What the Devil won't tell you

What revolution? Primary is good news for Bronson

Staunch conservatives taking control of the liberal Pima County government looked doable. Then votes got counted Tuesday. The big winner of the primary election would seem to be (right now ... hedge, hedge) Sharon Bronson. If the Tea Party/Trump revolution is coming, it may be bypassing us.... Read more»1

Ex-Ally Miller staffer 'confesses' he was behind bizarre blog

Timothy DesJarlais, a staffer for Ally Miller who quit his post after becoming the focus of an ongoing investigation into a peculiar political website, the "Arizona Daily Herald," has now owned up to his lies — at least in part. After denials, diversions and a false crime report, he wrote a "confession" to Miller.... Read more»2

Ally Miller aide linked to imitation news website; alter ego posing as reporter

A communications aide for Pima County Supervisor Ally Miller has been linked to a pretend news site whose "editor" is using a false name. Timothy DesJarlais, who is also running for the Marana School Board, was apparently posting for the "Arizona Daily Herald" while being paid during public meetings.... Read more»4

Winchester takes aim: Another conflict for Ally Miller

Pima County Supervisor Ally Miller, no stranger to controversy, will have an opponent in the Republican primary. John Winchester, a University of Arizona staffer and pro-Israel activist, will challenge the first-term supervisor from District 1.... Read more»3

Another Republican seeks to replace Carroll: John Backer of Sahuarita

And then there were three: another candidate will make for a crowded GOP primary in August, as voters pick the almost sure-thing winner in the District 4 race for the Pima County Board of Supervisors. Real estate agent John Backer will vie with Steve Christy and Marla Closen in the election.... Read more»

Steve Christy announces run for Supes

Tucson businessman Steve Christy confirmed Thursday what he told TucsonSentinel.com last week: he's running to fill the seat that'll be vacant when Ray Carroll leaves office. Christy, a longtime auto dealer, will face Marla Closen in a GOP primary that's likely to determine the next District 4 supervisor.... Read more»1

What the Devil won't tell you

We could use another fight out of Sugar Ray

Ray Carroll was always at his best and most endearing in the fight rather than outside of it. Sugar Ray was a boxer growing up, and it showed in how he did the job when he was doing it the way it should be done — from his steadfast resolve against sales taxes to his early defense of MLK's legacy and desert conservation.... Read more»2

Ray Carroll confirms he's serving final term on Board of Supervisors

Update: After five terms, and despite a fondness for "a good fight," Pima County Supervisor Ray Carroll said Friday that he's serving out his final year on the board. "I hope that good comes from my service," he told supporters. "I take justifiable pride in the 20 years I willingly give to Pima County. At age 54, it is time to serve in other ways."... Read more»

Update: Sources: Ray Carroll won't run again for Board of Supervisors

Update: Carroll is serving his final year as a Pima County supervisor, sources said. The Republican, in office since 1997, declined to detail his plans, saying he'll announce his intentions on Wednesday. Former car dealer Steve Christy plans to run for the seat if Carroll doesn't run.... Read more»