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Fact vs. fiction: Getting to the bottom of what Arizona 'audit' leaders claimed

Leaders of the Arizona Senate’s election review made claims last week that have roiled right-wing media outlets and bolstered claims from Trump supporters that there is definitive evidence of election fraud in the state.... Read more»

Arizona bill aims to disallow use of Sharpies on ballots

A bill at the Arizona legislature aims to prevent counties from requiring that specific markers or any other pen be used that may damage a ballot after a debunked claim that they spoiled ballots during the November election spread across social media during the election. ... Read more»

No truth to GOP claims that Sharpies are invalidating Arizona ballots

For the first time ever, Maricopa voters were given Sharpie markers to mark their ballots at polls this year, spawning false claims from Republicans and the conservative fringe that election officials are using the markers to invalidate votes for Donald Trump.... Read more»