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Google says it bans gun ads. It actually makes money from them.

For roughly two decades, Google has boasted that it doesn’t accept gun ads - but an analysis shows millions of ads from the some of the nation’s largest firearms makers flowed through Google’s ad systems and onto websites and apps.... Read more»

TurboTax to pay customers $141 million to settle deceptive ad claims

New York Attorney General Letitia James announced Wednesday morning that Intuit Inc., the parent company of TurboTax, has agreed to pay $141 million to settle claims that it deceived millions of low-income U.S. taxpayers between 2016 and 2019. ... Read more»

FTC sues to stop 'deceptive' TurboTax 'free' ad campaign

With millions of Americans scrambling to file their taxes in the next few weeks, the Federal Trade Commission asked a federal court to intervene to stop Intuit from claiming in ads that Americans can file for “free” using the company’s TurboTax software.... Read more»

COVID and political fatigue inspired 'lighter, comedic' Super Bowl ads

From a commercial featuring a virtual assistant reading the thoughts of comic Colin Jost and his wife, actress Scarlett Johansson, to a potato chip ad featuring Seth Rogan marrying a zombie, many advertisers took a lighter tone for spots during Super Bowl Sunday. ... Read more»

States accuse Google of tricking users to get location data

Attorneys general for three other states and the District of Columbia filed lawsuits Monday against Google, alleging that the ubiquitous internet titan collected valuable data about its users' locations through deception - similar to the lawsuit filed by Arizona in 2020.... Read more»

How Steve Bannon has exploited Google ads to monetize extremism

Almost a year ago, Google took a major step to ensure that its online ad network didn’t put money in the pocket of Steve Bannon, the indicted former adviser to Donald Trump - but Bannon found a loophole in Google’s policies that let him keep earning ad money on his site.... Read more»

Google ads to NFL sponsorships: Colleges throw billions at marketing to attract students

Catholic University is spending $5 million on marketing and branding - a small sum compared to what other colleges and universities are investing in advertising, marketing and promotion, which has been rising and is on track this year to be nearly double what it was last year.... Read more»

Everything we know about what data brokers know about you

Regulators and some in Congress have been taking a closer look at so-called data brokers — and are beginning to push the companies to give consumers more information and control over what happens to their data. ... Read more»

Comic: War

Coming Home

It's not what you know, it's what you can convince other people you know.... Read more»1

Business of spring break: At Lake Havasu, party starts online

On a Facebook page dedicated to spring break in Western Arizona's Lake Havasu City, perhaps it isn’t surprising to see a featured picture showing a young woman sporting a bikini top, bellybutton ring and Mardi Gras beads, her arms raised in celebration.... Read more»


The war on Christmas

A lover of Christmas says the real war over the holiday is not being fought over taxpayer dollars spent on carving scripture into courthouse walls, or the lawn in front of a city hall where a crèche used to be placed. How the holiday is being undermined by those who claim to protect it.... Read more»

Hospitals push ERs, pressuring states' Medicaid

Efforts to reduce unnecessary ER visits by patients in Medicaid are proliferating as states search for ways to control the soaring costs of the program. But state officials complain their efforts are hampered by hospitals' aggressive marketing of ERs.... Read more»