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Michael Hicks, former TUSD board member, dies from COVID at 62

Michael Hicks, a longtime member of the TUSD Governing Board, died on Tuesday from COVID-19. He was 62 years old.... Read more»1

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Guest opinion

Foster: Stegeman's commentary offered all the TUSD drama but only half the story

"The apocalyptic financial forecast posited by my former TUSD Board colleague Mark Stegeman is convoluted at best, and don’t forget, very calculated in time for your three votes on the ballot for TUSD." — TUSD Board President Kristel Foster... Read more»6

Guest opinion

Stegeman: TUSD must reckon with cash problems

"TUSD has cash problems. Unsustainable operating deficits are driving it relentlessly toward a fiscal reckoning. Reports from TUSD’s internal auditor show that longstanding weaknesses in internal controls remain widespread. The Governing Board should embrace its statutory responsibility to address these issues." — former school board member Mark Stegeman... Read more»3

Guest opinion

Stegeman: Why I resigned from TUSD

Former TUSD Governing Board member Mark Stegeman in his own words.... Read more»

Ex-TUSD Boardmember Bruce Burke to fill vacant seat

Bruce Burke, who left the TUSD Governing Board almost a decade ago, will fill the seat left vacant by the sudden resignation of Mark Stegeman last month. He'll serve through next year, following his appointment Friday.... Read more»

County sup't to review candidates for TUSD board vacancy

With the TUSD Governing Board opting out of recommending any candidates, Pima schools Superintendent Dustin Williams is accepting applications from candidates interested in being appointed to help run Tucson's largest school district.... Read more»

Comic: Bermudez Shorts

Stegeman sees his window of opportunity

Having left his stamp on the district, Mark Stegeman has stepped down from the TUSD Governing Board after more than a decade. Or, more like hotfooted it away.... Read more»

What the Devil won't tell you

Stegeman's time at TUSD more geared to small fights than big ideas

Mark Stegeman always seemed like a guy whose lust to lead was undermined by his need to nitpick, and his resignation reveals the confounding nature of his tenure. ... Read more»3

Stegeman resigns from TUSD Board after 11 years

Mark Stegeman, in his third term on the board of Tucson's largest school district, resigned effective immediately on Thursday, in an unexpected announcement.... Read more»4

TUSD taps Trujillo as new superintendent

Tucson's largest school district has a new leader — interim Superintendent Gabriel Trujillo was named as a long-term head of TUSD by the Governing Board on Tuesday night on a 4-1 vote.... Read more»

News analysis

TUSD continues pattern of secrecy with sup't hiring process

TUSD picked four finalists for the district's next leader Tuesday night: B, G, P and W. And as far as they're concerned, right now that's all the public needs to know about who might lead Tucson's largest school district. "Unbelievable," said an expert in public records law.... Read more»13

TUSD taps inside candidate as interim sup't

After 30 days without a superintendent, TUSD's Governing Board on Tuesday picked a current administrator to run Tucson's largest district for the time being. They unanimously voted to name Gabriel Trujillo, the assistant superintendent of curriculum and instruction, to run the district as the search for a permanent head gets under way.... Read more»

Shafer withdraws as candidate for TUSD interim sup't

The night before the TUSD Governing Board was set to approve a contract to hire former district administrator Maggie Shafer as the interim superintendent, she withdrew her name from consideration. TUSD was set to hire her, along with a deputy she hand-picked, to run the district through June after H.T. Sanchez was pushed out.... Read more»1

TUSD set to hire interim leaders after apparent open meeting law violation

The TUSD Board has scheduled a Friday-afternoon meeting to approve contracts for an interim superintendent and deputy superintendent for the school district. But, although the Board discussed superintendent candidates at a closed meeting earlier this week, the matter of the deputy appointment never appeared on an agenda.... Read more»1

What the Devil won't tell you

Power down: TUSD needs help after Sanchez battle turns ugly

Politics is getting way too personal on TUSD's Governing Board, which puts schools at risk. So for the good of the students, teachers and my sanity, the board members and their accompanying factions must start to look outside themselves to the broader community to fix what's wrong.... Read more»1

$200K payout as Sanchez resigns from TUSD

With a split Governing Board looking to oust him, Tucson Unified Superintendent H.T. Sanchez resigned Tuesday, with an agreement that will pay him $200,000 to walk away from the district — and binds board members with confidentiality and non-disparagement clauses.... Read more»1

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