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Az Gov. Ducey renews attempt to block Tucson, Pima COVID shot mandates for staff

Slipped into an order about monitoring the Omicron variant of COVID-19, a new attempt by Gov. Ducey to block employee vaccine mandates in the city of Tucson and Pima County has local officials maintaining their stance that he has no such legal power.... Read more»

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Huckelberry making 'slow but steady progress' in hospital after being hit on bike

Pima County Administrator Chuck Huckelberry remains in the hospital after being hit while riding his bicycle 10 days ago, and is making "slow but steady progress" and his doctors "remain optimistic he will recover," his wife said.... Read more»

Huckelberry had 'serious head injury' & broken ribs after being hit while riding bike, family says

Pima County Administrator Chuck Huckelberry remains in the hospital with a "serious head injury and some broken ribs" after being hit while riding his bicycle this weekend, his family confirmed Tuesday.... Read more»

Huckelberry family, Pima County officials mum about injuries from bike crash

Pima County Administrator Chuck Huckelberry remains in the hospital after being knocked off his bicycle and critically hurt Saturday, but his family and county officials are keeping quiet about the severity of his injuries.... Read more»

Tucson Weekly, Explorer sold to Phoenix newspaper chain

The Tucson Weekly, Inside Tucson Business and Explorer have been sold to a Phoenix-area newspaper chain. Time Media Group has a pattern of buying small publications and cutting staff even further.... Read more»1

Ducey OKs bill allowing Arizona businesses to opt out of mask mandates

Unwilling to let counties and cities maintain mandates for face coverings, Gov. Doug Ducey signed a law that allows businesses to ignore local regulations. Immediately after signing the bill, he said the single-sentence bill "may have unintended consequences" and said state legislators were committed to fixing a "technical oversight." ... Read more»

Az AG: Pima County's COVID mask mandate not lifted by Ducey's order

Pima County's requirement that people wear face coverings in public to stem the spread of COVID-19 remains in effect despite Gov. Ducey's attempt to overrule it, the Arizona Attorney General's Office said Tuesday.... Read more»

Ducey lifts COVID restrictions, opening Arizona bars & again blocking local mask mandates

Bars in Arizona will no longer have to operate under COVID-19 restrictions, said Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey, who also ordered that cities and counties can no longer mandate face-covering be worn in public — a move called "irresponsible, unethical and unprecedented" and "reckless" by local officials.... Read more»1

Ducey tosses COVID capacity limits for Az bars, restaurants

Citing a decline in new coronavirus cases, Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey on Friday ordered that capacity limits invoked last year for restaurants and bars, gyms, theaters and other public gathering spaces be lifted. Physical distancing and mask protocols will remain.... Read more»

Pima County plans broad COVID vaccination push, but supplies & funding remain hurdles

Pima County plans to vaccinate 345,000 residents by the end of March, and possibly more than 775,000 people by June under an accelerated COVID-19 plan, but only if the "vaccine supply is not an issue" and federal funding is available. ... Read more»

Masks required at Pima County polling places Tuesday

Voters should wear masks when they go to vote at the poll on Election Day in Pima County, officials said. That requirement is part of the public health protocols under emergency orders to stem the COVID-19 pandemic. ... Read more»

Pima County shifts to allow continued 'work from home' after Supes, staff pressure

Pima County employees are concerned by a move to end coronavirus telecommuting, but County Administrator Huckelberry retreated a bit from his firm stance under pressure from the Board of Supervisors and workers.... Read more»

Az coronavirus cases up to 20 as more are tested

Twenty Arizonans have now tested postive for COVID-19 as the pandemic continues Tuesday and the number of people being tested in the state increases.... Read more»

Coronavirus cases jump in Az as more are tested

The number of known cases of coronavirus increased by 50% overnight in Arizona, as more tests are being run after weeks of limited access even as the COVID-19 pandemic grew.... Read more»

After 'wasted time,' coronavirus testing poised to increase in Arizona

New guidelines, private labs coming online, and access to more test kits should soon ramp up the number of patients who Arizona health authorities can diagnose for the COVID-19 virus, officials said.... Read more»

Second coronavirus case reported in Pima County

A second person in Pima County has been "presumptively diagnosed" with COVID-19 and is being treated at a local hospital, officials said.... Read more»1

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