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Sheriff: Man who robbed Tucson eatery came back for seconds 3 weeks later

Pima County sheriff's detectives are seeking information about a man who allegedly robbed the Golden Dragon restaurant by flashing a pistol in February, only to return three weeks later for another helping.... Read more»

Man dies at Pima County Jail after probation revoked

A 38-year-old man died at the Pima County Jail early Saturday morning, just days after his probation was revoked and he was sentenced to 2.5 years behind bars.... Read more»

Man awaiting sentencing dies at Pima County Jail over weekend

A 32-year-old man was found dead early Saturday morning in the Pima County Jail. Ricardo Duran pleaded guilty last week to attempted armed robbery, and was set to be sentenced next month.... Read more»

Despite COVID-19 crime wave predictions, cops report mostly quiet in Southern Az

Despite recent protests across the nation and state over "stay at home" orders, law enforcement officials in Southern Arizona say they have found little need to enforce COVID-19 pandemic-related restrictions.... Read more»

Inmate jumps wall at Pima jail, escape unnoticed for more than 12 hours

An inmate awaiting trial at the Pima County Jail climbed over a wall Tuesday afternoon, but was not reported as missing until Wednesday morning, authorities said. Jose Fernandez, 29, was captured Wednesday after his escape.... Read more»

Inmate dead after 'encounter' with Pima County Jail guards

The death of an inmate last Thursday at the Pima County Jail in a "use-of-force encounter" was kept under wraps by the Sheriff's Department until press reports about the incident were published.... Read more»