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Concerns about spice have prompted Kansas, Kentucky, Alabama, Arkansas and Missouri to regulate K2, one brand under which spice is sold.

The young man shook uncontrollably and couldn’t speak. As an emergency room doctor tried to figure out what was wrong, the man’s friends showed a package of herbs clearly marked “not for human consumption.” The man and his friends had smoked "spice." Read more» 2

Legalize it? You must be high: Advocates pushing for the legalization of drugs in this country have a long fight ahead of them if current "Drug Czar" Gil Kerlikowske has anything to say about it. Read more»

Morocco is the prime source of the cannabis smuggled into Europe.

Although it is illegal to cultivate cannabis, it remains one of Morocco's most lucrative sources of income. Now farmers claim that their already meager income is being dramatically reduced by authorities who demand bribes to allow the cultivation to continue. Read more» 1

The people of Malana, India, are poor, illiterate and grow some of the world's best pot. That may be about to change. Read more»

A medical marijuana supplier in West Hollywood, Calif.

Arizona voters will yet again have a chance to decide if people with certain medical conditions can legally use marijuana. Read more»

Marijuana advocates marched through the streets of Tucson on Tuesday in an effort to raise public awareness and encourage legalization of the drug. Read more» 1

The United Nations has reprimanded Latin American countries that have decriminalized narcotic use, delivering a blow to the growing movement looking for a change in drug policy. It says it is particularly concerned by a 2009 law in Mexico that decriminalizes possession of small amounts of cannabis, cocaine, heroin and other drugs. Read more»

Jon Gettel and Mary Mackenzie of NORML, which advocates legalizing marijuana for responsible use by adults.

Drugs and violent crime have created an unlikely commonality between a pro-marijuana group and law enforcement officials, both of whom think that legalizing pot would eliminate the driving force behind much of the illicit drug trade along the border. Read more» 1

A 'coffee shop' in Amsterdam.

After 30 years of high times, Amsterdam continues to attract waves of tourists eager to smoke a reefer or two without having to look out for the cops. However Dutch attitudes are changing. Restrictions on cannabis sales are tighter, while youngsters seem indifferent to the coffee shops' charms. Read more»

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